Amazon’s Push into Fashion Retail Should Scare These Companies the Most

In The Daily Scoop by Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Amazon’s size and reach—not to mention its willingness to sacrifice profits for market share—make it a company that every other business is scared to go up against. Among them are America’s fashion retailers, who have had to face off with Amazon ever since it started an aggressive push into selling clothes. Coresight Research, an independent firm focused on retail and technology (formerly Fung Global Retail & Technology), surveyed 1,699 demographically representative, internet-using Americans about what clothing they’re buying on Amazon, as well as the stores they’ve shifted away from. Nobody can yet say with certainty how much business Amazon is siphoning from other fashion retailers, and other than Amazon, nobody knows exactly what customers are buying on the site. But the results offer a hint about which companies should be most concerned about Amazon’s fashion ambitions, and in what areas they’re losing out. Read more on Quartz

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