Amazon Fashion Prioritizing High-Value Inventory

In The Daily Scoop by Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Amazon’s U.S. Fashion website offers more than 880,000 products across almost 2,800 brands for both men and women. But a majority of the marketplace’s sales are still from third-party sellers, as just 13.7% of products are sold by Amazon. And Amazon’s focus for its first-party inventory appears to be on higher-end fashion, according to recent aggregated data. In addition, data revealed that Amazon’ 834 private-label products on the site tend be clustered in specific categories, reflecting a segmented approach. The recently published report says that shoppers feel a greater reassurance on product authenticity, shipping and return charges and return policies when they buy direct from Amazon than from a third-party seller, as 38% of Amazon apparel shoppers prefer to buy direct from Amazon.

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