Amazon Expanding Prime Now

In eCommerce, What's New by Marilise Gavenas

Amazon on phone

Beginning next month, Amazon will expand its Prime Now program, according to a report in Bloomberg Technology.

The program was launched in New York in late 2014 and has since rolled out to 20 U.S. cities and London.

Currently available only as a smartphone app to subscribers who have paid the yearly $99 Amazon Prime charge, Prime Now is a delivery service that brings e-commerce closer to the instant gratification available with purchases from brick-and-mortar stores. After downloading the app, Prime Now offers free two-hour delivery—or, for a $7.99 surcharge, a one-hour delivery—and then allows the customer to track the courier.

In anticipation of Prime Now’s expansion to desktop applications in May, Amazon is reportedly pushing an advertising package that would cost $500,000 for two weeks’ placement on the site.


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