“Alta Moda” Exhibit Celebrates Peruvian Style

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ALTA_MODA_lead_image_443h_webNew York—Looking for an art exhibition with lots of fashion inspiration this weekend? Check out Alta Moda by fashion photographer Mario Testino.

Literally translating to “high fashion,” the stunning Alta Moda has a double meaning. One, the rich, colorful fabrics are having a “high fashion” resurgence, and two, the looks come right from one of Peru’s highest-altitude locations.

The show is currently on and running through March 29 at Manhattan’s Queen Sofía Spanish Institute, under the chairmanship of Oscar de la Renta. It’s a must see for anyone intrigued by the rich culture of Peru, or any designers looking to appropriate the vibrant colors and embellishments.

The Queen Sofía Spanish Institute is the first American venue to present these new portraits by the acclaimed fashion photographer, best known for his images in glossy fashion magazines.

Alta-Moda-w-Cuzco.-Fot.-Mario-Testino-8Alta Moda documents indigenous Peruvians in their festive, traditional dress. They hail from Cusco—one of the highest mountainous regions of Peru (and the first stop for anyone visiting Machu Picchu).

Vibrantly colored and ornately decorated, these fabrics are sure to inspire accessories designers, many of whom have already turned to this and other South American countries for inspiration on woven mochilas and fabrics.


Accessories Get Inspired

The accessories industry has already gleaned lots of inspiration from South America, as evidenced in the huge influx of woven jewelry, handbags and fabrics from Peru, Colombia and other countries with vibrant indigenous arts.

Below, the Inca Bohemian Cuff from Gypsies + Debutantes and a page out of the Miss Mochila lookbook.

Inca Bohemian Cuff from Gypsies + Debutantes



The Queen Sofía Spanish Institute is located at 684 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065;  212-628-0420.






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