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Get ready to walk down Retro Road!

New York’s ever-changing concept store Story has unveiled “Remember When,” an immersive retro experience that celebrates Nickelodeon’s iconic shows and memorable characters from the ‘90s, timed to the 25th anniversary of Nickelodeon animation. Open now until September 18, “Remember When” is the 31st installation for Story and takes a nostalgic look back at the decade that gave birth to the Rugrats, dial-up Internet and leggings as pants.

To bring the ‘90s “back to life, back to reality,” Story has teamed up with over 25 brands on items that celebrate the spirit of ‘90s Nickelodeon–from a pair of Double Dare-inspired Keds and a stonewash denim jacket by Gap, to Rolex watches customized by Bamford Watch Department.

Story will even extend the “Remember When” experience outside its walls for the first time through additional brick-and-mortar and online retail partnerships with Los Angeles-based retailer Ron Robinson and, giving consumers outside of New York the opportunity to join the fun. From August 18 to September 18, Ron Robinson will host a Story “Remember When”-themed shop-in-shop in its Santa Monica store and feature an edited selection of the limited-edition product.

Celebrate Friends, Seinfeld and more with Kayci Wheatley's cases

Celebrate Friends, Seinfeld and more with Kayci Wheatley’s cases

Neiman Marcus will highlight key collaborations with an online extension of “Remember When” on its website for a limited time starting August 24 through September 18. This marks the first time Story’s themed concepts will be available online and also serves as a first for many of the brands to have their items sold at Neiman Marcus.

“Consumer demand for ’90s Nickelodeon is off the charts and we are excited to introduce an exclusive new line of products based on our most popular shows to celebrate this iconic chapter of our history,” said Pam Kaufman, chief marketing officer and president of consumer products at Nickelodeon. “We think Story is the perfect partner to kick off our new consumer products program and Nickelodeon fans are really going to love it.”


The experience is centered on five clubs that highlight fan-favorite Nickelodeon shows and other elements of ‘90s culture:

  • HOMEROOM: Where it all starts. Celebrate the legacy of Nickelodeon through products that feature a mash-up of beloved ‘90s characters and give back with brands like State Bags and Out of Print.
  • BESTIES: Remembering Nickelodeon’s iconic duos.
  • DOUBLE DARE: Hit prints and patterns from Crshr and Boardies inspired by Nickelodeon’s ultimate ‘90s game show Double Dare and iconic green Slime.
  • CITY KIDS: Hey Arnold!-inspired pieces that play to the home crowd.
  • YEARBOOKERS: The ’90s were all that, from your favorite candy to must-have nostalgic picks.

Story Remember When


Out of Print brand socks and zip cases

Out of Print brand socks and zip cases

Added Jim Gold, president and chief merchandising officer at Neiman Marcus: “We are thrilled to partner with Rachel and her great team to bring Story to Neiman Marcus. We love her innovative approach to product, marketing and the customer experience, and believe that we can collaborate in a very exciting way to showcase the unexpected for our clients–starting with an introduction of her ‘90s icon story on our website.”

Those in New York will be able to enjoy the full flashback force of the partnership through a series of playful in-store experiences. Double Dare fans can step up to the podium for photo opportunities and the most daring will be able to take a physical challenge on the hamster wheel from the original obstacle course. A display designed by Perch Interactive will showcase behind-the-scenes interviews with many of the creators of Nickelodeon’s animated series, while an in-store selfie station will give visitors an opportunity to get digitally Slimed through a custom interactive photo experience designed by Foxtales.