Adi Shaulov – Owner, CEO / Accolade Collection, NYC

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sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1125 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1126_1 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1126_2 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1126 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1127 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1128 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1129 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1130 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1131 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1132 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1133 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1134 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1135I love those days when I am at the right place at the perfect time. I was doing my location scouting for a shoot UES and found this jewel of a place. A fancy fashion boutique in the middle of otherwise a quaint neighborhood. I had a chance to speak to the most wonderful owner Adi Shaulov. She has the brightest smile and makes this entire place glow. It is quite a small establishment with only 4 employees but gem of a place. Adi flies to France every 3 months or so. She hand picks all her clothing and accessories to fill the space. She usually finds them underground small places and designers and ships them to New York. I must say she has quite an impressive taste in style and it reflects in the vision and strong point of view. Adi graduated from New York University. She worked at Milk studios (a fine fashion photography studio in Meat Packing) where she gained real life experience and fashion knowledge. She also gets fashion inspiration from her very fashion forward family. Best of all I would like highlight that everything she carries at the boutique is very very inexpensive and yet great quality designs. Here in the images photographed by us Adi is wearing some of her favorite pieces from her store. Visit her at 253 e. 78th st., between 2nd and 3rd Ave. And be sure to let us know how your experience was if you happen to stop by there.


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