Accessories trends for Fall: Handbags

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Fall is just three weeks away and we have already given some great tutorials for clothing. This month we have a week of trend forecasts. Week 1 is accessories (jewelry, shoes, handbags), Week 2 will be beauty trends (hair, nails, and makeup), Week 3 will highlight where to get these trends for less and then we will wrap up with runway trends that won’t transit well to everyday and body type specific trends.

So many trends….

I was reading ELLE’s September issue and Joe Z was using an A to Z approach to trends this fall making me realize that personal style is more important than ever or at least knowing your body well enough to navigate all these trends and be able to know what looks good on you are not. (We already helped with clothing last week) This week we have a focus on accessories – Handbags!!

Here is the trends we loved the most and were the most flexible:

The new everyday bag – Top handled

We were tote-ing everything around this summer but fall is requiring we return to more refined handbag styles. I can’t image carrying a clutch everywhere but I can get into the top handle bag trend. There are three types so far that I have seen:

The elongated Clutch

This satchel and clutch hybrid has enough space to carry all our items but also has a lady-like air. If you happen to be Classic, Causal or Vintage in personal style then this type of bag is made for you.  With a variety of style, this trend can be pulled off for other personal style types especially with punk style trending at the moment.

Over-exaggerated sides

Phillip Lim handbag has the over exaggerated sides so hot this fall.

The over-exaggerated sides style was first seen at Celine and took flight from there. Best feature is that you can get to most stuff without opening your bag which is always sweet. This style is also best for Glamor types since the use of zippers and gold tone makes it extra refined.

The Schoolgirl bag

This bag has a single handle and is one of the few bag trends that have made it all the way down to trend retail stores (H&M, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe have their own styles already).  So, this trend is the most affordable. It is also great for rock, punk and romance personal styles.

The most unconventional trend – Hold-them

I can’t imagine having bags without handles but the clutch is big this fall and we have two types that  we are seeing everywhere.

The pouch

Miu Miu pouch in turquoise is very vintage.

This clutch with a zipper is probably the most easiest of this style to buy because its virtually everywhere. A simple two piece bag with a zipper closure, this style has so many add-ons that anyone can wear them. Fur trim make glam, studs make it rock, extra zippers make it punk, floral prints make it romance, embossed prints make it classic, bright colors make it vintage and regular neutrals make it casual. All in all – its everyone’s go to bag for fall (if you can take carrying it everywhere).

Jeweled box clutch

This purse is now available at

This trend came back from last fall so many of us,especially the glam types, already have this trend in our closet. Also, you can find this trend in department stores and thrift stores (at relatively cheap prices).   I usually get these at DSW since they always have them on sale or clearance.

The anybody can pull these trends off

Okay, so the above trends may not be easy to add to your wardrobe or you are more trend focused, then this trends can be for everyone:

Animal print

With zebra leading the trend, these bags are glam-influenced but can be used by everyone. If you are the subdued type opt for cheetah, leopard or other small print and if you are an attention seeker then zebra and tiger are both looks you will love.

Bright colors

Reds, turquoise and yellow are some of the bright colors we have seen throughout the runway.


Navy and gray are really out this fall and are easy to add to your wardrobe.





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