Accessories trends for fall: Jewelry

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Most of the past fall, we noticed that jewelry was being replaced with jeweled handbags, jewel-collared shirts, scarves and fabric collars. We are happy to report that jewelry is back in the fall wardrobe with force. The statement necklace has transferred from summer casual to fall sweater looks seamlessly while statement earrings wondered off the Grammys into everyday wear.

The Statement

Making a statement has never been easier with earrings, bracelets and necklaces offering bold details this fall.

Earrings, bracelets and necklaces in bold crystal accents have landed in our wardrobe. These bold pieces do not just stick to gem-like crystals; there are pieces that are geometric, star motifs, and chainmaille which makes it a very versatile trend that can span across personal style as well as trend-spotters.

The Collarbone Grazers

Layering charm necklaces have been replaced with collarbone gracing lengths. The following trends take advantage of this trend:

The word trend is not just for necklaces and can be seen on bracelets as well.

Words say…

This trend of wearing a word on your neck is expanding with the typical choices of “love”, “Happy”, etc. Punk additions like the pearl accent above make it wildly fun.

Chain accents and unconventional details make these tribal pieces a must have.

Metal collars

Collars with tribal accents have also popped up this fall.  Unlike last years more simple metal collars, this piece is layered chain with fabric and feather details. It makes it less friendly with this fall’s more glamed-up pieces and should be worn mostly with the neutral color trends like navy and gray.

Chunky chain

Thick chain with micro charms and ID necklaces make it into the fall wardrobe.


The Choker

This trend flew into the future from the eighties and if you are lucky enough to have a long slender neck (like me) then this is the trend to tryout.  We love the fact you get so many choices but beware because most of the affordable ones do not have the glam effect of the more expensive creations from Gucci, Prada, etc.  Punk and rock chokers can be found in hot topic but mostly large chain links will be the most affordable alternatives.

The studs

The stud earring is the opposite of statement earrings but the fact it is easier to pair with the slew of trends we are facing this fall makes it our most versatile trend as well as the fact it comes in so many styles. The only change is that gold tone is preferred.

Punk earrings

Ear hangers, ear cuffs and through the ear are all typical punk styles that have come into trend this fall.

The torque cuff

This open-end bangle or reverse cuff has the several different styles to choose from and can range from classic to glam.


There are are lot of trends this fall to choose from but these were the most easiest to add to the wardrobe, to find and affordable to buy. who can ask for anything else?





Embla Sveinsdottir - Student / University of Arizona
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