Ab Fab: The Movie? Absolutely Fabulous!

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Absolutely Fabulous characters Eddie Monsoon and Patsy Stone

London–Sweetie, darling… remember the cheeky and totally over-the-top BBC series “Absolutely Fabulous”? Well, it’s going to be a movie!

The hilarious British show followed the drunken and smoke-filled escapades of two generally wacked out best friends (one a PR guru and one a magazine editor), poking fun at the fashion industry at every turn. Judging by the success of “Sex and the City”‘s mega leap from TV to film, our money’s on this one as well. And,”Sex and the City” never even had a nickname!

According to a report in Deadline London, “Ab Fab: The Movie” will open with Patsy and Edina waking up hungover (naturally) in the “empty drifting yacht of an oligarch in the middle of the ocean. Even worse, their cellphones can’t get a signal.”

The only drawback? Creator and co-star Jennifer Saunders hasn’t actually written the movie yet. We (and all the drag queens who made this show their religion) will just have to be patient while Saunders finishes working on the Spice Girls London stage musical “Viva Forever.”

We can wait. By then the crazy styles they championed might just be back in style.



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