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Esty MeMoi

Esty Breier Director of Sales, Design, Merchandising, Sourcing

Infinity Classics is a global manufacturer and distributer of legwear for Women’s, Men’s and Kids.

Joe Steinberg is the proprietor and president of this third generation hosiery business. The company has built many brands and is globally recognized as a leader in the legwear industry, supplying all channels of distribution, understanding quality and service, always staying a step ahead and bringing newness, innovation and up-to-date fashion.

Accessories caught up with Esty Breier, Director of Sales, Designer, Merchandising and Sourcing, to discuss the company’s past, present and future.

How long have you been with the company? 11 years

What is a typical day like for you?

My time is split, while leading a team of sales, design, product developing and sourcing. It’s all about multi-tasking and working collectively, facing the challenges and finding solutions, collaborating with each team, brainstorming new ideas, interacting with customers, and traveling the world, all with one goal:  maximizing sales and company growth and profit.

MeMoi sweater tights

MeMoi sweater tights

What is your favorite part of the industry?

I am very passionate about what I do. My job involves lots of creativity and major responsibilities. I’m a perfectionist and therefore it always needs to be at 110%. Coming up with new ideas is a thrill and seeing the brands grow is extremely rewarding. A satisfied customer is what makes it complete.

What have been some of the biggest challenges in the market lately? 

Keeping up with the constant changes and speed in the industry. The world is in a state of flux with lots of uncertainty. Nothing is fully settled. Yet not having the answers opens the door for new possibilities, rearranging our thinking and loosening up for new ideas, motivating and regrouping. This results in the most remarkable outcome. The challenges have made us stronger, taking advantage of the latest technology and emerging with the most innovative products, silhouettes and styling.

Which designers/runway fashion shows have been most influential for you lately? 

I have been following many designers, runway shows and trend forecasting, my favorites are Dolce and Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Temperely London and Antonio Marras. I also like to watch an array of different designers to see what is trending. But when I sit down and lay out the blueprint of the collections, I try not to be influenced by others. I always keep in mind what is important for the season but the DNA of our brands is to be inimitable, innovative and unique. This has proven to be the biggest success.

Where else do you get your inspiration? 

While the world is moving forward in a remarkable speed, technology has taken over our lives and sometimes we lose conscious and our identity is hidden, we forget what the real life is all about and we vanish in the flow. I am fascinated by nature and that’s a major inspiration for me, combining the fast forward world with the real world of nature and prosperity of our beautiful planet. Using “Happy Colors” has taken us further into luxury fibers with different neps, textures, floats, and hairy yarns that are brought to life, influenced by moving objects combined with the beauty of human nature where all shades of colors originated. The possibilities are endless, inspiring and rewarding.

Lace over-the-knees

Lace over-the-knees

Have you opened up any new retail areas?

Our philosophy has proven to be a success. While the company grew, it has opened up lots of different opportunities for us, from private label to top notch brands. Buyers who shop the market are fascinated by our endless capabilities, innovation and open mind. We get lots of requests from licensees who see our product and want us to license their brands, but we are very selective with what we take on.

In terms of styling, what are you focusing on for the Fall/Holiday season?

Fur trim in various shades, real and faux. Romantic delicate lingerie-inspired frill, openwork laces and ruffles. Slouchy over-the-knee socks and anklets for the careless imperfect look; plaids, houndstooth and checks; sophisticated glam, shimmer and metalics; conversationals “tell a story” such as birds and motifs. Luxurious fibers continue to play a big role in our collections.

What are the newest, exciting changes in your company lately?

We are growing rapidly, resulting in need for more space to accommodate the growth. We are building a brand new state-of-the-art facility and will be able to move in shortly. We are very excited about this expansion.

Socks from the new Natori license

Socks from the new Natori license

What’s new at Infinity Classics in terms of product, brands, licenses, niches, etc.?

We are thrilled with our new partnership with Natori company to launch the Natori Legwear. Our initial collection of hosiery, tights, leggings, socks, and more will further the Natori vision of dressing women from the inside out and from day into night. Natori’s legwear includes signature embroideries and embellishments that coordinate with Natori’s other collections. We understand the core values of the Natori brand and the legwear extension will follow a high-end retail plan that mirrors Natori’s existing distribution. Moreover, we are confident that we are bringing a unique point of differentiation into the legwear market from both a design and pricing perspective. This venture has been one of Josie’s important projects over the past year, and we are very excited about  the new collaboration, and working so closely with the Natori team and family.

Joe Steinberg, CEO and Founder of our company Infinity classics said, “We are pleased to have partnered with Josie Natori to carry her vision into legwear. The legwear business has not seen this kind of new introduction in quite some time.  Our launch could not have come at a better time.”

The Natori Legwear addition to the market has been well received and will be launching this Fall in the major high end department stores.

The strategic objective is to introduce seasonal collections that are complemented by core programs that elevate and expand Natori’s presence in the legwear category.

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