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Lee Reinhold, Founder of Binky and Lulu

With the eye of a fine artist, the detail of an interior designer, and global collectors of vintage findings, Binky & Lulu bring forth their signature line in the culmination of these worlds ultimately putting their passion into the jewelry. The company features like-minded in-house designers who are inspired by appropriation, vintage and repurposed, handcrafted in New England. Understanding that the art of craft is in the details, Binky & Lulu has forged a jewelry company sensitive to the feminine adornment yet focused on the strength of women today.

Accessories caught up with Lee Reinhold, Founder of Binky and Lulu, to discuss the company’s past, present and future:

How long have you been with the company? B&L has come full circle being resurrected from a long dormant rest per se. During my twenties, B&L was in major retail stores, featured in fashion magazines, and enjoyed great success for a decade. We’re back.

 What is a typical day like for you? I don’t seem to have typical days but I lay the foundation of every day with a cup of coffee, fill the birdfeeder and stroll through my gardens. Then I flip through the New York Times dedicating a few extra minutes to the Arts.  I always have a Departures and a Travel + Leisure magazine close by.

What is your favorite part of the industry? Change. The continual change of the accessory industry and how it mirrors nature, life…as we know nature is in a constant flux of change, especially in New England.  Each season brings its own wonderful changes and unique richness just as in the Accessory industry the Seasons bring anticipated excitement with the new trends, styles and designs.

What have been some of the biggest challenges in the market lately? Challenge is always there creatively to be new, innovative yet classic especially when we are all about vintage components and repurposing/redesigning for today’s woman. Outside of that I think one of the biggest challenges is the globalization of the world. The global influence creatively as well as economically is soo exciting but it can pose a challenge.

What are the newest and exciting changes/new niches in the marketplace lately?  We feel Bridal is an exciting niche in the marketplace with great potential. With that in mind, B&L created the Wedding Collection.

 What’s new at your company in terms of product, brands, licenses, niches, etc. Since B&L is young with an old soul, everything feels new with a nostalgic twist.  With a strong pulse on R&D our Creative Department collaborate with our In House Designers to bring innovation to our curated themed collections.  We’ve also recently partnered with Dress for Success Boston to empower women.

Has this opened up any new retail areas? We are in the midst of exploring the Bridal Market with a major retailer and we are confident it shall be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Are you launching anything new for Fall/Holiday 2015? Spring 2016? Our Collections reflect the seasons. ie Fall: Elizabethan; Holiday: Marie Antoinette; Spring: Carnival.

In terms of styling, what are you focusing on for the Fall/Holiday season? Holiday is all about opulence, elegance, and grace. Lots of white and gold as in the Marie Antoinette collection.

 And Spring 2016? Spring is all about blooms, new beginnings, “La Primavera”… Our Carnival collection mirrors the vibrant celebration of life, which takes place each Spring.

Which designers/runway fashion shows have been most influential for you lately? B&L is influenced more from the arts than designers/runway fashion per se. Growing up in a family of artists, writers, ceramists and being a Fine Arts Major with a major in Painting and Photography the creative arts are my compass. And that is our prerequisite for our In House Designers as well.

How do you use social media and how has it helped your brand? We use social media as platform to keep the Binky and Lulu community connected with our philanthropic endeavors.

Where else do you get your inspiration? (travel, city trend spotting…) I find inspiration from my experiences and travel; style doesn’t adhere to boundaries. On a Saturday night inspiration is drawn from the perfect cosmo: “shaken until you can ice skate across it” with the dirty rocks on the side.

Aug 2015 COVERBinky & Lulu was featured in Accessories Magazine’s August A to Z issue: A look at who and what is hot now–in product, brands, stores, pop culture, business, social media, e-commerce, apps, runway trends, technology, startups, museum exhibits and much, much more! 

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