5 Key Trend Boards: Spring/Summer 2014

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We created inspiration boards for the key five trends of the Spring/Summer 2014 season: Modern Mod, Punk Playground, Zen Retreat, Ancient Odyssey and Virtual Jungle.  For more detailed information with sketches, classification notes, Pantone colors and more, go to AccessoriesDirections.com.


She takes her go-go boots and walks her way into another decade–the ’60s–where Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick are muses, black and white reigns as the prominent color scheme, graphics are seen from head to toe and materials shine. She finds herself jumping ahead to the future where Space Age futurism is adapted into her wardrobe and modern lifestyle. Clean lines and cut outs, hologram effects, and other sci-fi elements are used to create illusions. This modern Mod has adapted bold pieces of the past and the future, yet incorporates them into the modern woman of the present.


This punk princess rules her playground. Take a trip back a few decades to the ’90s, and then even further back to the naivety of childhood. Her world is filled with pretty pinks, childhood hobbies and a game of dress-up that never ends. Don’t confuse this school-girl playful presence for innocence, though. She’s tough around the edges. Pretty pastels are balanced with blacks and dark gothic ’90s hues. Combat boots and plaids keep this pretty princess in check, while playful childlike prints and unexpected combinations evoke her imagination and allow her inner child to run free.

The Zen Retreat is an escape from the chaos of the world, a place where she is able to unwind and detach from the over access that surrounds her. Strong influences from the Eastern retreats are incorporated throughout her simplistic life. She takes on a Zen-like mindset, and peace and tranquility are achieved. Asian influences are seen throughout, from the linear architecture of pagodas, to elements of Asian interior décor and feng sui placements. Elegant Geisha satins are draped and pleated in precise origami-like folds throughout her wardrobe. Nature’s strong influence is seen throughout Asian floral prints, bamboo, and carved ivory. Contrasting textures appear, from the smooth slippery surfaces of wet stones and lacquer finishes to rough woven bamboo and textured linens.


Greek goddess-like fabric drapes across her chest and gladiator flats strap up her legs as she takes part in an excavation of ancient artifacts to explore history of the land where battles were once fought. She is part greek goddess, part gladiator. Her light sun-bleached colors keep her cool, as the heat of the Mediterranean sun casts rays upon her bronzed skin. She camouflages herself in white that blends against the Greek stucco walls. Beiges, terracotta browns and grays blend into the limestone and clay amphitheatre columns, and ocean blue hues act as her backdrop. As she strolls through small alleys, she adapts local crochet crafts and embroidery. Her travels take her from small seaside villages to the inner walls of the city, both filled with ancient artifacts ready for her to explore.


She has traveled the world, and landed at her final destination, an avatar-like island containing a jungle only one’s imagination can create. In this virtual jungle, power shocks of tropical colors splash vibrantly throughout and against the dark backdrop of the surrounding atmosphere. In her virtual jungle, tropical leaves, fruits and animals appear in digital forms, and all that surrounds her takes on a phosphorescent glow illuminating the wild exotic jungle.


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