5 Key Trend Boards: Spring/Summer 2013

In Trend Boards, What's New by Nicole Philip-Kronenberg, Accessories Magazine

New York–We created 5 Trend Boards for the key Spring/Summer 2013 trends: Sport Authority, Demure Diva, Deco Moderne, Future Fiesta and African Oasis

The fabrics she sports are as high performance as her game. This is the competition of the future and she is champion of her team. Her uniform consists of sleek high-tech materials that allow for ultimate speed. Colors are bright and bold, patterns are striped and blocked so those watching from afar can keep track of her high-speed movements in the arena. Her androgynous slant is seen throughout her attire—from the cap on her head, jacket on her back to the soles of her shoes. She comes prepared for all-weather activities and terrain. Utility closures, bunjee cord and rope accessories, plastics, mesh fabrics and perforations all have a durable lightness and provide the activewear ingredients she needs to win. It’s “Game On!” for the future’s most anticipated sporting event and all eyes are on her.

She’s sugar and spice and (almost) everything nice. This retro housewife throwback is as sweet as the cake she bakes but don’t mistake feminine for fragile—she may be a lady but in an instant she’s kicking off her kitten heels and riding off in her Thunderbird on a fun, free-wheeling road trip. This lady of the 1950s/1960s balances her eccentric, playful side with her wholesome innocence. One second she’s serving dinner, the next she’s on the go. Her wardrobe mirrors the appliances she uses, the décor of her home, the icing on the cakes that she bakes, and the tail fins of the car she escapes in. Pretty has a new face.

Dropped waist, sequins, feathers, pearls—oh my! This Gatsby Girl needs no password to enter her exclusive speakeasy during the deep of the night. Inside, she lights up the dark, smoldering room with shimmer and shine of her sparkling jewelry, metallic beaded fringe and shiny satin. The romance and rebellion of the twenties era is brought to life as this modern day flapper incorporates Deco influences with modern cuts and a lot of new age attitude. Look for sleek geometric lines and architectural angles. Cloche hats with bejeweled brooches and feather hair accents add the finishing touches but the modern day-into-night interpretation is always classy, never a costume.

A world party is discovered on a global trek that sweeps across all cultures and continents—Africa, South and Central America, and beyond—gathers cultural influences and heads straight to outer space to land on her strange paradise island. This is her world, and she is the leader of her intergalactic tribe. Full of energy and life, her electric bongos pulse as she leads her multi-culti tribes to a beat of her own. The bright colors of her traditional ancestral dress combine with the darkness of the galaxy sky creating the ultimate contrast. Exoticism of nature, from the boldest plumage to the brightest beads, is combined with a futuristic graphic craftsmanship on this exotic fantasy planet.

As she travels on the rough dirt roads through the depths of Africa on her safari expedition, she begins to adapt to the world around her. Ethnic elements of local tribes, patterns of animal skins, faded weathered surfaces of her surroundings are mirrored through her relaxed attire, which shows a true appreciation of the Earth. With her relaxed, simplistic, roughened and natural aesthetic, she is one with nature–opting for a handmade, homespun wardrobe in a color palette that blends right into the oasis that surrounds her.


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