5 Key Trend Boards: Fall/Winter 2013-14

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New York–We created inspiration boards for the key five trends of the Fall/Winter 2013-14 season: Dandyland, Great Shape, Nomads Land, Star Wars, Decadent Doll

DandyLand Trend Board Fall 2013She’s a dandy and this is her land: one that thrives on contrasts. Part work, part play, business is the name of the game as her masculine ensemble takes her down city streets—Carnaby Street, to be exact. Her softer side comes to life at the prim English Downtown Abbey countryside, yet beneath her smart attire an eccentric individual peeks through. Country meets City as deep autumnal hues of countryside brown, burgundy, and camel are contrasted with shocks of yellow, orange, blue and purple. Do not mistake her fun-loving ways, however. She’s on top of her polished presence, that’s a dandy after all. Menswear is the name of the game with houndstooth, plaid, tweed, paisley and repetitive tie prints worn head to toe in pant suits with a structured briefcase, tied jabot and bowler hat to match. Seventies silhouettes and upholstery patterns influence her happy-go-lucky attitude and she tips her hat to them.


Great Shape Trend Board Fall 2013

Sports style has left the track and entered the runway. Gone are the days of literal sport-inspired designs; they’re all grown up now and sophistication is the ensemble. She is confident and strong, no need to impress with logos, eye-catching colors or flamboyant designs; now it’s simple and streamlined with extra attention towards soft shapes, sporty stylistic elements and clean lines. It’s about balance. Inner health is as important as outer, her desire for purity and restraint is a result of our over-stimulated hi-tech times, yet she manages to maintain a refined, health-conscious lifestyle in her hectic fast-paced day. Balancing is the toughest game, and she is the best in her sport.


Nomads Land Trend Board Fall 2013

Beginning her days in the warmth of her forest cabin, she’s surrounded by antique no-fuss furnishings, sun-bleached interiors, and dressed head to toe in cozy, well-worn materials. Quilted blankets lie beneath her; a final respite before her she embarks on her nomadic journey through the unknown. As she emerges into her fantasy wilderness world, colors come to life—soft blue shades of sky, green moss shimmering with morning dew, a vegetable color palette rich with life. Seeking camouflage for her journey, she blends into trees with landscape prints and adorns herself with amethyst obelisks, quartz stalagmites, tortoise shell and burnished metals. Flowers, feathers and fur keep her decorated and provide warmth throughout her journey to a land unknown. This is her nomad land and she’s the butterfly—soaring, exploring and free.


Star Wars Trend Board Fall 2013

It’s a tough, futuristic world, one where intergalactic guards and watchmen have become essential. Survival is based upon inner strength and outer protection. Functional, futuristic fashion is the name of her game. Her otherworldly uniform consists of armor-like jewelry, protective headgear and spikes to ward off any unwelcome visitors and flying galactic elements that enter her extra-terrestrial world. Her uniform is the toughest around, hard lines give her the structure she needs, durable hi-tech materials and leathers withstand any battle she embraces. Dark shades of black, blue and gray blend into outer space and shimmer inside prints mirroring molten metal, moon craters, lunar dust and galactic swirls that camouflage into the world around her.


Decadent Doll Trend Board Fall 2013

She is the favorite doll of her royal highness, though her origin remains a mystery. Renaissance muse? Prized Czarist toy? No one will ever know. Regardless, her life has always been one of privilege. Dressed in head-to-toe opulence, rich, sumptuous fabrics of the finest damask and jacquard are often embroidered and topped with heirloom jewels. Dark shadows of rich burgundy, deep emerald, and plum purple from the tapestry filled walls are contrasted with porcelain white reflected off the fine china and shimmering gold from the hanging chandelier—chiaroscuro, light and dark, just like the floral oil paintings that hang above her. She’s of doll of royalty and mystery, and sits high on her owner’s throne.

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