5 Key Trend Boards: Fall / Winter 2012-13

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We created inspiration boards for the key five trends of the season: Neo Pop, Dapper Darling, Haute Craft, Lady Luxe and Midnight Madame

Her future looks as bright as the colors she wears. She’s playful, fearless and ready to reinvent past Modern Art movements with a fresh new approach. Futuristic, sleek, streamlined silhouettes and graphic elements of 1960s Mod are combined with the resurging Pop Art prints and patterns of the ’80s–all updated with modern fabrications, textures and unexpected juxtapositions. High-shine materials such as patent, resins and coated enamels pop when shown in eye-catching primary brights and set against the stark contrast of black and white. Bold stripes, abstract color blocks and sharp geometric shapes swirl into 3-D optical illusions. Her rebellious attitude brings a refreshing blast of newness and edge. She is the girl of the future.

Well-suited and tailored to perfection, this sophisticated, driven woman adapts to the urban atmosphere. In a fast-paced, clutter-filled world overflowing with information, her no-frills, no-fuss approach seeks balance through simplicity–she’s a modern minimalist at its finest. Refined menswear details unveil themselves throughout her world. A fusion of casual and formal elements are kept simple, sophisticated and precisely tailored through the use of luxurious, suiting materials in a balanced neutral palette of cool grays, warm camels, browns and black. This dapper darling clutches her structured attaché as she confidently powers through her day.

The comforts of home are brought on the road as she adapts homespun elements to her exploration of ethnic cultures, natural wonders and unknown destinations. She embraces imperfection, and although she is drawn to rough textures, experimental clashes of materials and colors, artisanal raw unpolished finishes are unrefined aesthetics; her appreciation for well-crafted design should not be overshadowed. She carefully layers and pieces her eccentric mixes of elements together like patchwork-couture craft at its finest.


Refined yet never tame, this modern day Grace Kelly takes deluxe dressing to a new level with sophisticated feminine silhouettes. As the economic state of the world attempts to repair itself, she brings an understated approach to privileged lifestyles of the past and present. Luxury manifests itself with logo-free designs and the most deluxe fabrications, glamorous furs and exotic skins. Dusty neutrals, cosmetic tones and powdery pales act as understated shadows and appear throughout her ladylike ensemble, dispersing their way down from the pearls on her neck to her glove-covered hands and exotic skin pumps. This elegant lady has gracefully stepped forward as the new face of luxury.


Midnights in Paris inspire her, while deep shadows cast from moonlit skies reflect in her dark, seductive ensemble of boudoir sheers, silky satins, vampy lace, fetish leathers and sumptuous velvets. Tough dominatrix corseting accentuates her hourglass figure, while buckles and laced thigh-high boots hint at a secretive darker side. The softer side of her femininity is exposed through adaptation of elements from romantic periods of the past, mainly 19th century Belle Époque and Baroque Rococo inspirations, where ruffles, bows, cameos, filigree metals and feathers tickle this mystery Madame’s fancy.



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