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Despite a pre-show snowstorm inexplicably named the Bomb Cyclone, buyers and exhibitors still turned out at the Javits in droves to hit UBM Fashion‘s accessories shows AccessoriesTheShow and Accessorie Circuit, as well as adjacent shows Fame, Moda, Intermezzo and Children’s Club. Accessories Magazine hit the floor with cameras and notepads in hand, and in addition to the 23 new lines that made their debut at AccessoriesTheShow, we found plenty of items and collections to write about. Bold, tropical colors dominated the Spring/Summer18 selling season, driving traffic into booths, especially with tropical getaways on everyone’s mind. Below, some of our favorite discoveries in show installations, booth design, trends and product launches.


A selection of SS18 trend boards

Our SS18 Trend Boards Were a Hit!
Accessories Magazine produced 8 giant trend boards featuring SS18 trends and exclusively featuring AccessoriesTheShow exhibitors. With booth numbers marked in the captions, retailers were able to easily shop the trends, and we spied many show attendees snapping photos of the boards for future reference. Stay tuned for a repeat performance of trend boards at WWDMAGIC.


America & Beyond

We Found the Hottest Booth on a Freezing Cold Day
Yes it was arctic cold outside, but the America & Beyond’s colorful pom-pom strands, woven rope ceiling and summer offerings made this booth our favorite “take me away” hot spot at the Javits. If only they were giving away plane tickets to Hawaii with purchase of their Aloha bags!


Sometimes We Just Want to Chillax
Yes, everyone’s at the shows to open new accounts, write orders and make money, but some booths just drew us in with the promise of relaxation. With Vayü’s Southwest throw pillows, animal skull and woven caged lighting, we left feeling like we had a mini vacation. Oh, and the jewelry was great too!


The Met Museum

The Met Came to the Javits!
One of our favorite things about New York City is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, so we were thrilled to see The Met Museum selling its merchandise wholesale into our favorite boutiques around the country. Our favorite part of the booth? The wall of art cards, which inspired our trip to the Met this past weekend.



Alka Tolani and Nicky Hilton

Nicky Hilton Had a 3rd Baby
Well, she actually just had her second baby three weeks ago (not that anyone would know it from her slim physique), but her third baby was actually the launch of her new Mommy & Me line with Tolani. The Nicky Hilton x Tolani features highly Instagrammable matching mom/daughter prints (with the adult pieces in silk and the kids in washable modal). Prints are inspired by Hilton’s travels, such as tiles from Positano, Italy, or Mykonos, Greece… of even feather motifs scanned from the diamond feather earrings gifted to Nicky from her husband James Rothschild.

Brandi Cyrus

Brandi Cyrus Spins a Mean Track
Doesn’t she look like her sister Miley? This full-time DJ and fashion/style influencer is one busy gal. She’s the sole content creator of her blog Style Native, co-hosts ‘Your Favorite Thing Podcast’ and also competes against her mom Tish as an interior design expert on the recently premiered series ‘Cyrus Vs. Cyrus: Design & Conquer’ which airs on Bravo TV.

Elena Longhi from Ninael

We Spotted a 2017 Handbag Awards Winner!
Not gonna lie, we’re a little obsessed with Ninael’s sexy leather and suede metal fringe handbags, and not just because they were the winners of the 2017 Handbag Awards in the UBM Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design category! The Italian designer came in from Italy for the show and was proof that indie brands can get discovered from relative obscurity and build a brand here in the U.S.



We’re All Basket Cases
Structured straw basket-weave bags have grown in popularity, and show no signs of letting up, especially after the Cult Gaia craze set structured bamboo bags on fire. Newer were the bursts of tropical color, here seen by Luxchillas.

Olivia Dar beaded birds

Tropical Accessories Are  1,000% More Welcome During a Deep Freeze 
While industry insiders expect to shop beach accessories during winter, this year’s bold tropical birds, straws and tassels made the deep freeze seem like nothing at all. Tropical parrots, toucans and flamingos were everywhere. Here, by Olivia Dar.

Quilted Koala

Nobody’s Perfect
We’re not perfect, nor do we want to be. As designers continue to come up with snarky and kitschy sayings on pouches and bags, we love a self-deprecating one above all. This PERFECT one from Quilted Koala expresses this moment to a (crooked) T.


Macramé Makes a Welcome Return
While natural straw bags offer a neutral backdrop for bold tassels and pom poms, we particularly enjoy the resurgence of macramé, which often shows up in clean white.  Shiraleah’s round macramé bag, tote and Dream Catcher set the mood perfectly. If only we kept that giant macramé wall hanging we made back in the ’70s!

Alex Max

Alex Max

White Looks Right
After all this tropical color, white is serving as a very nice palette cleanser. Italian brand Alex Max hit lots of high notes in all white eyelet and crochet lace, from the must-have fanny pack, to the straw tote with white lace overlay to the white fedora accented with white pearls. Our favorite? The white straw basket with white pom poms and painted white bottom.

Mona B

We Make Pour Decisions Too
No one appreciates a clever word pun more than us writers, especially a booze-related one. These bottle and can covers from Mona B did the trick. I Make Pour Decisions; My Kind of Fitness; and Good For What Ales You? Brilliant.


Vintage@Intermezzo Fueled Retailers’ (and Consumers’) Vintage Fix
While not an accessories-only show, there were plenty of vintage accessories dealers and finds to be had at this consumer-facing show held upstairs at the River Pavilion. From fur berets to chunky rings, it was a full treasure hunt. For a writeup on the highly educational and entertaining vintage panel, click here. Adjacent was also the first-ever AccessoriesTheShop, featuring current season accessories sold directly to consumers.


From left: Cameron Silver, Decades; David Casavas, stylist; Brigitte Morphew, Morphew Vintage; Katherine Zarella, Fashion Unfiltered. Photo: J. Bascom


It’s always interesting to see how brands stay true to their DNA yet expand with new classifications, new groups and new directions. There seems to be a boost in handbag introductions, either as lower-priced tiers within an existing brand, or expansions into side areas like travel. Even non handbag brands got into the action.

Hammitt Launched Nylon
The Hammitt Lite line, featuring upscale nylon from Italy, as a new addition to the upscale leather brand. Whereas the brand’s lather bags in certain styles are $260 and $595; similar styles in the upscale nylon are $215 and $485, also including Hammitt’s signature flat studs up the sides. Thick woven straps at a sporty feel. Fun fact: The red linings on all bags from the California-based Hammitt are to signify the Red Carpet in LA, making all women feel like they’re always on the red carpet.

Ziva d’Or

Ziva d’Or Reinvented the Belt Bag 
We don’t know exactly how to define this clever item, but it definitely caught our eye…plus, it’s in our new favorite color. From Israeli newcomer Ziva d’Or, this chaps-belt-miniskirt hybrid holds a detachable pouch for a unique twist on the belt bag. Wear it over leggings, jeans, shorts, or even bare-legged.

Malibu Skye

Emperia Handbags Launches 2 Brands
Emperia Handbags rolled out two new brands: Malibu Sky and Mali & Lili. Malibu Skye, pictured above, featured cool girl items like clear and metallics, while Mali & Lili was more glam/feminine with color, sequins and faux fur.

Melie Bianco

Melie Bianco Launched Travel
Also keeping with the lightweight nylon trend, “vegan leather” line Melie Bianco launched a line of white and black faux marble travel bags. The most efficient was a duffel that could be converted into a backpack for those last-minute sprints through the airport.

Virgin Saints and Angels

Virgin Saints & Angels Launched a Lifestyle Brand
Known for its religious and spiritual iconography, this jewelry line has branched out into lifestyle pieces with its rock’n’roll Lilith Collection. Handcrafted leather handbags are created in conjunction with San Miguel de Allende, Mexico-based designer Maggie Donelan through her brand Talula de La Lune.

Freida Rothman handbags

Freida Rothman Launched Handbags
What started as a jewelry line, Freida Rothman has been busy expanding her brand. She launched sunglasses this year and is rolling out a handbag collection of nine styles for Fall 2018, bringing the label one step closer to a full lifestyle label.


Millianna Launched Metal 
Soft beaded jewelry line Millianna has put the pedal to the metal. The company expanded its reach with its Primavera collection featuring bold metal butterflies and stalks of wheat formed into statement necklaces, earrings and cuffs. Colorful ostrich feathers are mixed with metal in a blend of hard and soft. Inspiration was Botticelli’s Venus and other paintings, celebrating women and nature.  Retail, $28 to $450.

Ipanema Launched a New Thong/Slide Line
Looking like an embroidered cross-stitch slide, these are actually rubber thong/slide hybrids that elevate the basic flip flop to a new level of fashionability. Tropical theme? Check? Comfort? Check. Affordably priced at just $38 retail? CHECK PLEASE!


The next round of UBM Fashion trade shows to hit New York arrive February 26-28 at the Javits. Headlined by Coterie, the show will feature AccessoriesTheShow exhibitors folded into ready-to-wear shows Fame and Moda.

After that, UBM Fashion debuts its new June Marketplace, June 10-12, featuring Coterie, AccessoriesTheShow, Fame and Moda. Accessorie Circuit will be a neighborhood within Coterie

And lastly, June 11 marks the new date for the Accessories Council’s much anticipated ACE Awards at Cipriani, held in conjunction with Accessories Magazine’s Merchants Hall of Fame Awards.

For a full schedule of UBM’s 2018 women’s fashion trade shows, go to www.ubmfashion.com

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