2 More Days Till “Mad Men” Returns!

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Madison Avenue–Chances are, this Sunday you will be watching the two-hour “Mad Men” Season 5 premiere on AMC, maybe even at a ’60s-themed viewing party laden with classic martinis and retro snacks.

If you’re a real die-hard Maddict, you’ll have your hair “done” in a seriously ladylike style, buy a retro party dress and don some pearls and red lipstick.

And if vintage shopping isn’t your thing, just pop over to Banana Republic to check out their latest “Mad Men” collection.

Banana Republic Mad Men capsule collection

That “Mad Men” mania has impacted the fashion zeitgeist is hardly news, but what’s interesting is how a retro show has infiltrated modern styling so much to invent a non-costumey hybrid.

Entering a Mod Mode?

However, from “Mad Men” windows at retailers like Bloomingdale’s (when the show first launched) to the aforementioned Banana Republic capsule collection to Bryant’s 60s-influenced clothing line for QVC, we wonder if the look is on the verge of being played out.

So we’re waiting with bated breath to see what award-winning costume designer Janie Bryant brings us next.

Previous seasons have been set in the early ’60s (an extension of the the prim-and-proper styling of the late ’50s), and now the show is moving into the mid-’60s. Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is hiring younger talent to tap into the new youth culture, and women are starting to realize their worth, power and opportunities. Ladder-climbing copywriter Peggy Olson is also starting to hang out with a liberal, beatnick crowd, so it should be interesting where that goes stylewise (and otherwise). It might not happen right away, but we’re expecting things to shift to some more Mod styling, groovy graphic prints, and a less buttoned-up approach for the ladies.

Matthew Weiner, the show’s creator, is being extremely tight-lipped about the new season, but one thing can be sure: there will be lots of fabulous apparel and accessories to keep this industry inspired for a long time.