Item of the Day: Anabel Higgins

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higgins“I’m gonna lock my heart
And throw away the key
I’m wise to all those tricks
You played on me”

So swooned singer Billie Holiday in one of her most famous torch songs. The lyrics still resonated because, let’s face it, we’ve all been here at one point or another.

Los-Angeles-based designer Anabel Higgins is playing with the notion of locking one’s heart away with a series of 18K miniature lock pendants, many with diamond and gemstone accents.

“My aesthetic formed as a juxtaposition of equestrian style, English Regency, fine craftsmanship and glamorous practicality,” says Higgins. “The pieces I design are for sophisticated women who have an appreciation for art and something reminiscent of the past, but who also want to invest in modern heirlooms. Understated elegance with whimsy is essential for eternal appeal.”

Her locks, like the Lamb pendant pictured here, indeed to have a vintage feel to them—as if these heart-shaped lockets have endured a lifetime of toils and triumphs in love.

While the locks are suitable for everyday wear, Higgins says they are especially popular for Valentine’s Day—only 15 days away folks.

Retail: $450

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