DMI’s Top 10 Mobile In-Store Retailers: Who Made the List?

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dmiBethesda, MD—JCPenney, American Eagle Outfitters, Target and Walmart have been in the news recently over lowered foot traffic, missed earnings or sales and restructuring/restrategizing.

But there’s one area where these retailers are excelling, And that’s the quality of mobile experience they are providing shoppers. All four made it into the Top 10 such retailers.

In its first annual Mobile In-Stores Experience Rankings, DMI, which claims to be “the world’s first end-to-end mobility company,” used its proprietary mobile in-store maturity model to assess the experiences that 100 retailers offer via mobile devices to shoppers who are in brick and mortar stores.

Room for Improvement

DMI’s previous research that revealed high-quality, mobile, in-store experiences are not only desired by shoppers but in some cases, positively affect shopper preference, visitation and purchase intent, the quality and sophistication of in-store mobile experiences varies across the industry. Overall, retail is in the early phases of solving this challenge and there is tremendous room for growth and improvement. “This is reflected in our assessment model, where the average score among all 100 retailers assessed was 49 out of a maximum of 240 points. We’re excited to see how this space evolves over the next 12-18 months and will reassess these retailers and more at the end of 2016,” DMI stated.

The Mobile In-Store Maturity Model identifies six key areas of the in-store experience that are important to shoppers. Each mobile in-store experience was evaluated in a brick and mortar store by a representative of DMI between October and December 2015 using a 40-point use case evaluation tool. Each representative downloaded and explored all consumer mobile experiences that were available to them (or any other shopper) at the time—mobile apps, mobile websites, loyalty programs, notifications, SMS texting programs and more. A base score was given for satisfied use cases, and bonus points were awarded based on the quality of the use case. The maximum number of points was 240.

  • Diversity of store type and business model: The top 10 ranked mobile in-store experiences include pharmacy, beauty, department, big box apparel, premium and discount brands. This is proof that high-quality, mobile, in-store consumer experiences are applicable for a wide range of store size, business model and consumer.
  • Room for improvement: After conducting 100 assessments, it became abundantly clear that there is significant room for growth across the industry. The highest score possible was 240, yet the number one retailer scored a 111. The average score was 44, a clear indicator that even top retailers have work to do in crafting and delivering effective mobile in-store shopping experiences for their customers.
  • Store mode: Across the 100 assessments completed, many of the best experiences introduced specific shopping tools for use in-store only. The growth of these “store mode” tools is a trend to watch in the space.

“Throughout 2015, we saw a dramatic shift in the industry begin to occur,” said Jeremy Gilman, VP of strategy for DMI’s brand marketing and customer experience group. “Retailers are beginning to understand and unlock the massive potential behind enhancing in-store experiences through existing mobile applications.”

DMI’s rankings are based on their Mobile In-Store Assessments and the maximum score attainable is 240. However, the number one retailer, Walgreens, only scored 111 indicating that there is significant room for improvement. The average score was a measly 44, “a clear indicator that even top retailers have work to do in crafting and delivering effective mobile in-store shopping experiences”.

The Top 10 ranked retailers are:


2.The Home Depot

3. Sephora

4. Nordstrom


6. Walmart

7. Saks Fifth Avenue

8. JCPenney

9. Target

10.American Eagle Outfitters

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