Kara Ross Partners with CanadaMark for New “Diamonds Unleased” Line

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Kara Ross looks to empower women

New York–World–Once again designer Kara Ross is delving into yet another category. She recently announced a strategic partnership with CanadaMark diamonds around Ross’ new brand DIAMONDS UNLEASHED.

Diamonds Unleashed is a brand with a social purpose that launched this month to promote and support women’s empowerment. The mission is to engineer a great rethink about how diamonds are bought, given and perceived and then to use that shift as a platform to address issues that enable women to achieve their potential. The brand will be brought to life through a collection of jewelry and other products, a powerful network of ambassadors, and a platform of compelling content. Diamonds Unleased has partnered with She’s the First and Girls Who Code and will donate 100% net profits to each organization.

Under this strategic alliance Diamonds Unleased will only be using CanadaMark diamonds, which is owned by Dominion Diamond Corporation, in pursuing initiatives surrounding the women’s empowerment movement. The #BeBrilliant Collection for Neiman Marcus launches this month and the first collection of co-branded Diamonds Unleased jewelry featuring CanadaMark diamonds is expected to debut in March/April 2016 at retailers HSN and Neiman Marcus.

Responsibly Mined

Diamond Unleased collection to be sold on HSN

Diamond Unleased collection to be sold on HSN

“From the conception of Diamonds Unleased has always been my goal to partner with CanadaMark diamonds,” said founder Ross. “They are the epitome of an ethical brand partner. Canadian mines from where CanadaMark diamonds are sourced are completely committed to working with and benefiting their local Aboriginal community partners, protecting the environment and promoting a safe and healthy workplace with fair pay for all workers. The prestige of their diamonds speaks for the quality I would like my Diamonds Unleased products to have.”

Every CanadaMark diamond is responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories, natural and untreated, tracked through audited processes at every stage from country of origin to polished stone, and polished to meet specific quality standards. Once a diamond has been accepted into the CanadaMark program, it is laser inscribed with the CanadaMark logo and a serial number. This number is recorded on a certificate card, which accompanies the diamond on the rest of its journey.

“We are delighted that CanadaMark diamonds has found a perfect partner in Kara Ross’ exciting Diamonds Unleashed brand,” said Jim Pounds, Executive Vice President, Diamonds, Dominion Diamond Corporation. “Kara’s vision and mission which celebrates that women, like diamonds, are brilliant, multi-faceted and unbreakable is truly inspiring. We are excited to work with Diamonds Unleashed, a brand that also reflects our values and which symbolizes, promotes and supports women’s empowerment worldwide.”

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