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AAFA Announces Support of Trans-Pacific Partnership


Washington—As more retail and manufacturing trade organizations fall in line behind the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, the … [Read more...]

Gemini Shippers Group Supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement


New York—Joining a growing coalition of retail and manufacturing groups, Gemini Shippers announced Thursday its support for the … [Read more...]

Retailers Say Tax Extenders Bill Could Provide ‘Stepping Stone’ to Comprehensive Reform

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Washington--The National Retail Federation urged Congress to approve legislation that would make permanent a key piece of federal … [Read more...]

Retailers Urge Congress to Reject Customs Bill Unless Online Sales Tax Is Included

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Washington--The National Retail Federation today called on Congress to reject a customs reauthorization bill set for a vote this … [Read more...]

EMV Credit Cards “Overwhelming” for Small Retailers


Washington–A gift shop owner told Congress today that making the change to chip-and-signature credit cards has been “overwhelming” … [Read more...]

Retailers Tell Congress: EMV Cards Without PIN Provide “No Significant Benefits”

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Washington– The National Retail Federation and other trade organizations today told Congress that new chip-and-signature credit … [Read more...]

Retailers Enthused over News of TPP Agreement


Washington—Retail trade associations were quick to applaud a deal reach among the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim countries … [Read more...]

Retailers, Trade Associations Applaud TPA Vote in the House


Washington—Retailers and industry trade associations today lauded the U.S. House of Representatives for passing a new Trade … [Read more...]

NRF Applauds JCPenney’s Congressional Testimony on Patent Trolls


Washington—The NRF congratulated today JCPenney for its testimony in front of a House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee hearing on … [Read more...]

Trade Associations: Congress Must Resolve Online Sales Tax Disparity


Washington--The National Retail Federation issued the following statement today from Senior Vice President for Government … [Read more...]

West Coast Ports to Close for 4 Days Amid New Calls for Obama to Intercede in Talks


Los Angeles and Washington—As the crucial West Coast ports—which handle more than $1 trillion of imported goods each year—prepare … [Read more...]

Retailers Tell Congress of Supply Chain Challenges at U.S. Ports


Washington—With Valentine’s Day only days away, there’s no love letters being sent to President Obama, negotiators in the West … [Read more...]