Item of the Day: Botkier’s Murray Hill Tote

Murray Hill tote

Don't say we didn't warn you.Four months ago, our Trend Finder predicted colorblocking and patchwork would be coming on strong … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Baggallini Have It All Tote


September is National Yoga Month (who knew?), so you would be wise to get yourself to a yoga class STAT! Excuse us, that command … [Read more...]

Item of the Day


“He ain’t heavy” but our handbags sometimes are—especially for those of us who commute via rails or bus and wind up carrying the … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Token Emboss Neoprene Tote

This is an ode to the New York City subway system, which bounced back impressively fast after Hurricane Sandy flooded its tunnels … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Bagdley Mischka

Remember those old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials (“Your chocolate ran into my peanut butter!” “Your peanut butter ran into … [Read more...]

Fall Handbag Trends For Every Style


You probably know that the fall handbag trends run from different spectrums that can be so confusing: are small clutches or … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Trina tote

Nothing beats the function of a tote, how could you not appreciate the roomy interior of a handbag that so fashionably carries and … [Read more...]