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If you’re anything like us you’ve been called bag lady more than once, always carrying a bag for this, a tote for that…it’s time … [Read more...]

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In honor of it being Earth Day...month, and of everyone around us being obsessed with their new tech gadgets, we thought we'd show … [Read more...]

Bombata: Totes for Tablets

MicroBombata, Italian-made carry case for iPads and other tablets

New York—While Apple is predicting shorter lines around its store on Friday, March 11, when its iPad 2 goes on sales, the next … [Read more...]

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  You know the saying travel in style, right? Well, we don’t necessarily need a private chauffeur (although the thought … [Read more...]

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Excuse me passenger on the subway, your music is so loud your ears look like they're on fire?! Nevermind, it's just the DEOS … [Read more...]

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We think of ourselves as having colorful personalities—after all we’re in one of the most ‘colorful’ industries around. However … [Read more...]

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Listen up people, we’ve found the key to a good party, and it’s hanging right off your keychain. This funky leopard print, crystal … [Read more...]

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Subject: 2kool! From: AccessoriesMag To: All u glam-geeks! Hiya! Chk out thse gr8 Touch Gloves from Echo! Special tip lets u … [Read more...]