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Trend Finder: Insects and Bugs


Motifs of insects make for cutely chic accessories. For Pre-Fall ’16, think of gilded butterflies on headbands, jewelry with … [Read more...]

Americana Style Guide


We're all #TEAMUSA these days, with Memorial Day in May, Independence Day in July, the Olympics in August and Election Day in … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Floral Prints


Fashion is now blooming for Pre-Fall Accessories.  Dark and autumn inspired color combinations are adorning floral print … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Tropical Birds, Leaves and Butterflies


Summer is just a few months away but as early as now, many brands and designers have been keen on tropical inspired style. Fruits … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Graphic Prints and Patterns

Graphic Prints

Graphic prints are trending now, as brands are looking into them for their latest merchandise. Retailers may look forward into … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Camouflage


  Camo is hitting accessories hard for Spring 16’, this oft-masculine print takes on some flirty renditions, either interspersed … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Floral Prints


Blooms continue to flourish on accessories for Spring/Summer 2016.  With vintage-inspired motifs and patterns, rich color … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Mira Smart Jewelry


One of the best things about post New Year’s is the start of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.This year, the … [Read more...]

Study: 2016–A Boom Year for Health, Fitness Wearables

The much-anticipated Huawei Watch announced its availability in the U.S. yesterday (press release below).Designed by Ben Norton, who worked with luxury watch brands such as Armani, the Huawei Watch looks like a traditional, classic timepiece – not a gadget. Yet it does everything you’d expect from a smartwatch (texts, notifications, fitness tracking, and much more) and is compatible with both Android and iOS.
Retail: $699.99

Arlington, VA--Of the 74% of online America adults who are likely to purchase health and fitness technology in the next 12 months, … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Netflix Socks


This year as you doze off during that super-exciting Yule Log, you might find your TV pauses exactly where your eye … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Color Block and Patchwork

Color Block and Patchwork

Color-blocking and unique patchwork designs are elevated with unexpected color combinations. From tonal to updated rainbow-like … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Insects/Bugs


As fall brings us cold weather, we like to highlight our outfits with summer animals like butterflies, bees and bugs. Trendy … [Read more...]