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Week in Review: Top Stories to Follow

Marc Jacobs

New York--While earnings season is nearing its end, there's no shortage of speculation about where some of the industry's most … [Read more...]

Book of the Month: Tarina Tarantino’s “The Sparkle Factory”


Los Angeles—Tarina Tarantino’s penchant for whimsy has always come across in her playful, vibrant jewelry designs. Now she offers … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Tarina Tarantino skull bracelet

Today’s the day we’ve been anxiously waiting for, although we do feel like we’ve been painting the town black and orange for weeks … [Read more...]

Item of the Day


We're feeling patriotic today, what with Memorial Day and July 4th just around the corner. Check out Tarina Tarantino's playful … [Read more...]