Summer 2013

Tiny Friendship Bracelet: TREND WATCH


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Beaded Bib Necklaces: Trend WATCH


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New Turquoise Jewelry Fabulous Finds


Roberto Cavalli Rings · Earrings · Mango Bracelets Last year, our friends (and us included!) could not get our hands … [Read more...]

Your Pinky To Posh Playlist:


Need music to rock out to during your summer road-trip? Or sound that will get you going that extra mile during a workout? Then … [Read more...]

Knuckle Ring Jewelry for Summer!


CC Skye Rings · Ariel Gordon Diamond Rings · BaubleBar Rings Knuckle ring jewelry for summer, summer, summer what's … [Read more...]

Summer 2013: African Oasis

Jan-Feb-2013_Fashion spread 1

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5 Key Trend Boards: Spring/Summer 2013


New York--We created 5 Trend Boards for the key Spring/Summer 2013 trends: Sport Authority, Demure Diva, Deco Moderne, Future … [Read more...]