Spring / Summer 2012

Trend Finder: Resin Jewelry

Resin Jewelry

This Spring, resin jewelry takes center stage as we see an assortment of designs incorporating this durable and colorful material. … [Read more...]

5 Key Trend Boards: Spring/Summer 2012

Spring/Summer 2012 Trend Board: Sweet Tart

We created inspiration boards for the key five trends of the season: Sweet Tart, Prairie Dust, Classic Ease, Tropical Traveler and … [Read more...]

Trend Board S/S 2012: Disco Diva

Spring/Summer 2012: Trend Boards Disco Diva

This club-loving dance queen is the attention desiring, glamorous superstar of the bunch—a throwback to the wild nights of Studio … [Read more...]

Trend Board S/S 2012: Tropical Traveler

Spring/Summer 2012: Trend Finder Tropical Traveler

As the season heats up so does she. This island hopping, nature loving, exotic girl draws influences from across the globe, … [Read more...]

Trend Board S/S 2012: Classic Ease

Spring/Summer 2012 Trend Board: Classic Ease

As tensions in our economy cause strain, fashion steps forward to create a much-needed release. A fresh breath of ease emerges as … [Read more...]

Trend Board S/S 2012: Prairie Dust

Spring/Summer 2012 Trend Board: Prairie Dust

Welcome to Pleasant Prairie, where free spirits run wild. Drawing inspirations from "Little House on the Prairie," ghost towns out … [Read more...]