"Project Accessory"

Vivre Founder Teams with New York & Co. on Capsule Collection


New York—JCPenney may have just signed “Project Runway” judge Nina Garcia to its fashion team, but New York & Co. is teaming … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Triian resin jewelry

We've seen real croco handbags, faux croco handbags, and all sorts of exotic skins popping up in jewelry. But we've never seen … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Nina Loren bracelets2

We love ourselves a stack of colorful bangles as much as the next gal, but as we sit at our desks typing away each day, we prefer … [Read more...]

“Project Accessory” Winner Bows Capsule Collection at Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole with Brian Burkhardt for Kenneth Cole unicorn accessories

New York—Artist and designer Brian Burkhardt not only won Lifetime TV's  reality design competition "Project Accessory," but he … [Read more...]

Blogging “Project Accessory” Finale

Rich pounds some metal

New York--If the finale taught us anything, it’s stay true to who you are. And make sure your partner is on the same page. … [Read more...]

Blogging “Project Accessory:” Episode 7

Nina faces her fears with the bug challenge

New York—In a "Fear Factor"-esque turn, this week’s challenge had the remaining five designers “bugging out.”After learning … [Read more...]

Blogging “Project Accessory”: Episode 6

Christina working the sheet metal

New York—Now that "Project Accessory" is down to six contestants, viewers are finally able to get a longer look at how accessories … [Read more...]

Blogging “Project Accessory”: Episode 5

The designers head to Coney Island for inspiration...and materials

New York--This challenge sent the contestants to the beach--Brooklyn's Coney Island beach, to be specific--and if you ever doubted … [Read more...]

Blogging “Project Accessory:” Episode 4

Adrian's striped clutch

New York--This week's challenge was voyeuristic, intimate and super-personal. No, they didn't transcribe client therapy sessions … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Nesa Pendant

Maybe we’ve been watching too much "Project Accessory" lately, but we’ve definitely been leaning toward jewelry and accessories … [Read more...]

Blogging “Project Accessory”: Episode 3

Rich's dramatic 2nd place look with copper flame necklace

New York--Is it me or are there too many things on "Project Accessory" that distract from the actual accessories?First there … [Read more...]

Blogging “Project Accessory” Episodes 1 & 2

Kelly and the shoe design that got her sent hom

New York--After years of yelling “Why don’t they do an accessories challenge already!?!?” at the TV during every episode of … [Read more...]