Pinky to Posh


Fall 2013 has fully kicked in! Now is the time when everyone seems to be shopping for new autumn accessories, as well as, … [Read more...]

Carrera by Jimmy Choo Capsule Collection Launch Party


After attending the Carrera by Jimmy Choo Capsule Collection Launch Party, I realized that I officially have a heart of … [Read more...]

Go big or go home! When to go the next size up…


Have you ever worn something that was so uncomfortable you couldn’t wait to go home and change into those sweatpants you only wear … [Read more...]

Trendy Transportation Around New York City!

Dayna Vasilik

Get your motors running! Can you say winter fashion on wheels? At a recent photo-shoot, I realized that there wasn’t a better … [Read more...]

The Amy Conway Photo-shoot

What do you get when you gather a few creative women to plan a photo-shoot on the blocks of New York … [Read more...]

His & Her 4th of July Fashion Giveaways!

_DSC1843-45-44-2508658103-O (1)

Summers favorite holiday is just around the corner… The 4th of July! While you normally claim your fashion freedom by wearing … [Read more...]

Life’s Best Moments Are Unedited


 While on the set of the La Fiorentina Fall 2013 photo shoot, I began to realize that our own lives can mimic what was going on … [Read more...]

My Favorite Fashion Finds On!

21297_523230994401429_725979438_n (1)

SHOP MY FAVORITE FASHION PIECES ON SINGER22 NOW!For commercial purposes, extract supplements can be obtained from the fruit of the … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Giveaways!


She sent you off to school in a warm coat, helped you pick the perfect prom dress, and even caved into buying you that risqué … [Read more...]

Accessories Magazine Now Housing Fashion Bloggers

blog screen grab

New York— Accessories Magazine now houses bloggers who focus on accessories!Bloggers are some of the hottest sources for … [Read more...]