Trend Finder: Hearts


Not just for Valentine’s Day, hearts can be worn all spring, from printed motifs to actual shapes. Where to Find Hearts … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Translucent Plastics

Translucent Plastics

Spring is looking clear with translucent plastics. Add some transparency to your look with see-through accessories in all … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Pastels


A feminine palette, pastels, namely mint green, lavender, coral, soft blue, pink and yellow - add softness to accessories for … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Alkemie


Item of the Day: Alkemie Husband-wife design duo Ashley Lowengrub and Dara Gerson call their Topanga Canyon, California-based … [Read more...]

Item of the Day


“Put on my blue suede shoes and I boarded the plane Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues In the middle of the pouring … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Zelma Rose

zelma rose locket

Item of the Day: Zelma Rose Lockets have always been a personalized item, letting the wearer insert a beloved photo or keepsake. … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Bees, Beetles and Winged Insects

Winged Insects

Designers are buzzing about bugs this season. Bees, beetles and their other winged insects made a beeline for the runway and are … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Pendant Necklaces

Pendant Necklaces

Sometimes the simplest approach is the most effective. This Fall, long pendant necklaces will take center stage making for a chic … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Sydney Evan Jewels

Sydney Evan Jewels

Item of the Day: Sydney Evan Jewels With an estimated $190 million at stake in tonight’s Mega Millions, and another $600 million … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Ax+ Apple

The fascination with the Year of the Snake continues. At Ax+Apple the fascination has inspired an entire collection of … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Delphine Leymarie

Can you feel my beating heart? Can you see it?This incredible pendant necklace by French jewelry designer Delphine Leymarie is … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Dana Forbes Jewelry

We all know that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. And we know there’s a North Pole and a South Pole. Yet still we … [Read more...]

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