Item of the Day

Nissa collars

You heard it here first: stingray is the new python.Well, maybe this stealth oceanic dweller won’t totally replace our scaly … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Monograms/Initials

Monogram Initials

This fall, designers make it personal as they emblazon accessories with monograms and initials. Whether it’s a traditional … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Kris Nations

Geometrics are taking over in jewelry, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, eras and cultures. Case in point: Kris … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Oversized Links

Oversized Links

Designers supersize summer style with oversized links. The traditionally sleek chains bulk up as designers emphasize and … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Geometric Shaped Jewelry

Geometric Shaped Jewelry

Accessories begin to take shape this summer with the trend in geometric-shaped jewelry. Designers incorporate arcs and angles into … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Slinky Chain, Snake Chain

Slinky Chain

This summer snake chains slither into the fashion scene. The thicker cylindrical chain appears in jewelry and even as handbag … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: “Green”/Eco Products

Green Eco Products

Who knew fashion could be so friendly—eco-friendly, that is.  This summer designers promote sustainability through “green” and … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Jewels By Dunn

With all of the color, excitement and celebration taking place around the world this week in honor of Carnivale/Mardi Gras, we … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

RJ Graziano

It’s New York Fashion Week so we’re feeling particularly savage today.For one, we have to be aggressive to push through all … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

alexandra moosally necklace

Still feeling that post-Super Bowl guilt after your gluttonous intake? Us too. That's why we've started our health kick for the … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Zodiac and Other Symbols

Zodiac and other Symbols

Designers leave fashion up to the stars this summer with a focus on zodiac designs and other symbols. Accessories show inspiration … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Rope


Jump aboard and grab hold of “the ropes” because it’s time to set sail in style. Rope detail in both raw and refined form makes … [Read more...]