“Great Gatsby” to Bring Back 20s Glam

Carey Mulligan plays Daisy Buchanan in the upcoming "The Great Gatsby"

Sydney, Australia—Justin Timberlake might’ve brought sexy back but Leonardo DiCaprio’s turn as Jay Gatsby will definitely bring … [Read more...]

Ab Fab: The Movie? Absolutely Fabulous!

Absolutely Fabulous characters Eddie Monsoon and Patsy Stone

London--Sweetie, darling... remember the cheeky and totally over-the-top BBC series "Absolutely Fabulous"? Well, it's going to be … [Read more...]

H&M Goes Goth with “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Line

H&M's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo collection

Stockholm--We've been predicting a punky-goth fashion resurgence when the movie "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" launches its … [Read more...]

Ready for Your Dragon Tattoo?

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo character poster

Los Angeles--You’ve all read the book (as in All. Of. You.), now you’re all going to see the movie.With the American version … [Read more...]