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“This is Retail” Video Contest Narrows to Top 10

"This is Retail" Top 10

Washington–America has voted—and now only 10 top finalists remain in The National Retail Federation (NRF)’s “This is Retail” video … [Read more...]

The NRF Wants Your Vote–in Retail Video Contest

"This is Retail" Video Contest

Washington—While it won’t get the attention or millions of votes that “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Stars” does, the … [Read more...]

Retailers Want to “JOLT” Senate into Action on Fast Track Tourist Visas

Travel USA!

Washington—As more foreign tourists come to the United States on spending sprees, some retail groups wants to put a JOLT into … [Read more...]

Commerce Dept: Despite Gas Prices, Spending Increased in February

Retail Sales

Washington—Gasoline prices may be surging, but that didn’t keep consumers from purchasing last month. February retail sales, … [Read more...]

NRF: Jewelry Sales to Climb This Valentine’s Day?


Washington—Gift givers are hoping their significant others will be wearing their hearts on their sleeves—or lapels, necklines, … [Read more...]

NRF offering $25,000 for Best Retail Stories


Washington—Do you have one of the best retail stories in America? No, that’s not a typo, we do mean stories, not stores, although … [Read more...]

NRF: 2012 Retail Sales to Grow 3.4%

Retail Sales

New York–Although stubbornly high unemployment and continued uncertainty over the prospects for job growth will continue to dampen … [Read more...]

NRF: 2011 Holiday Sales Rose 4.1%, Beating Expectations


Washington—Ratcheted up Black Friday promotions, longer store hours and a last minute rush to buy just before Christmas Day made … [Read more...]

Gift Receipts More Popular Than Ever

Holiday gift receipts

Washington–As just about everyone has experienced, sometimes those holiday gifts can be underwhelming, or even downright … [Read more...]

NRF Revises Holiday Sales Forecast—Upward!

Holiday Sales

Washington—It’s beginning to feel a lot more like Christmas at retail—especially if the National Retail Federation (NRF)’s latest … [Read more...]

Black Friday Sales Surge, But Will Spending Continue?

Shoppers began lining up outside Macy's Herald Square about 6 p.m. Thursday for a midnight Black Friday opening. (Photo: Stan Honda/AFP)

New York—First the good news: the hype around Black Friday apparently has paid off with shoppers out in record numbers—some … [Read more...]

NRF: Holiday Shoppers to Spend Less on Gifts, More on Self Purchase?

NRF 2011 Holiday Survey

Washington–This holiday season may be a good news/bad news type of experience for retailers.According to the National Retail … [Read more...]