Lindsay Lohan

Get Ready for Glitz as Liz Taylor Hits the Small Screen

Channeling Liz: Lindsay Lohan glams it up

Los Angeles--Lindsay Lohan pulled herself together long enough to finish filming the made-for-TV movie “Liz & Dick,” airing … [Read more...]

Lohan Confirms 6126 Footwear Collection

Lindsay Lohan

Los Angeles—Controversial headline grabber actress Lindsay Lohan, who was released last week from a court-ordered rehab at the … [Read more...]

LiLo to Design Footwear?

Lindsay Lohan

Hollywood—She may be the butt of many jokes due to her antics, arrests and flamboyant behavior, but actress Lindsay Lohan is still … [Read more...]

Lindsay Lohan’s Handbags Make Debut

Lindsay Lohan's Handbag Collection

Los Angeles—Apparel? Check. Legwear? Check. Handbags? Check. A welcome distraction from rehab and the tabloids? Check.Lindsay … [Read more...]

Lindsay Lohan to Introduce Handbag Line

Lindsay Lohan's handbags for 6126 hit stores this holiday

Los Angeles–With her nightclub dalliances, feuds with fellow stars like Avril Lavigne, vying to play porn star Linda Lovelace in a … [Read more...]