Visionworks Focuses on Younger Generations with Project Runway Junior Sponsorship

Visionworks Project Runway Junior

San Antonio, TX—The ever-popular “Project Runway” has had its share of sponsorship and tie ins with the fashion industry. Now, its … [Read more...]

Zac Posen to Replace Michael Kors on Project Runway Season 11


New York—Still a Project Runway fan? Us too. But we will admit things have gotten a bit stale after all this time.Luckily, the … [Read more...]

Blogging “Project Accessory” Finale

Rich pounds some metal

New York--If the finale taught us anything, it’s stay true to who you are. And make sure your partner is on the same page. … [Read more...]

Blogging “Project Accessory”: Episode 5

The designers head to Coney Island for inspiration...and materials

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Blogging “Project Accessory”: Episode 3

Rich's dramatic 2nd place look with copper flame necklace

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Blogging “Project Accessory” Episodes 1 & 2

Kelly and the shoe design that got her sent hom

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Only 2 Weeks till “Project Accessory” Debut!

Molly Sims, host of "Project Accessory," with the contestants

With the tagline “Attitude is the Best Accessory,” the new Lifetime series “Project Accessory” is gearing up for its debut Oct … [Read more...]