Item of the Day: Blooming Heels

Blooming Heels in Action

What a heel!And we mean that is the best sense.In the quest for even more original accessories for accessories, there’s … [Read more...]

Check Out Killer Heels Shoe Exhibit at Brooklyn Museum

Walter Steiger, "Unicorn Tayss," Spring 2013. Courtesy of Walter Steiger. Photo: Jay Zukerkorn

Brooklyn--Killer Heels will knock you off your feet.Featuring the most dizzying, gravity-defying, mind-bending shoes you have … [Read more...]

Study: High Heels the Biggest Culprit of Foot Pain

Brian Atwood "Skyscrapers"

Washington—American women are ready to suffer for fashion, especially when you are talking about high heels.In a survey of … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

TaylorSays printed shoes--a selection from two different pairs

While high heels with red soles from a certain shoe company have been known to throw consumers into a tizzy, here’s something … [Read more...]