Fall / Winter 2012-13

Trend Board: F/W 2012-13: Lady Luxe

Lady Luxe Trend Board

Refined yet never tame, this modern day Grace Kelly takes deluxe dressing to a new level with sophisticated feminine silhouettes. … [Read more...]

Trend Board: F/W 2012-13: Haute Craft

Haute Craft trend board

The comforts of home are brought on the road as she adapts homespun elements to her exploration of ethnic cultures, natural … [Read more...]

Trend Board: F/W 2012-13: Neo Pop

neopop Trend Board

Her future looks as bright as the colors she wears. She’s playful, fearless and ready to reinvent past Modern Art movements with a … [Read more...]

Trend Board: F/W 2012-13: Dapper Darling


Well-suited and tailored to perfection, this sophisticated, driven woman adapts to the urban atmosphere. In a fast-paced, … [Read more...]