eMarketer: U.S. Consumers Shifting to Mobile


According to eMarketer, over 31 million U.S. internet users will only go online via a mobile device in 2016. While Internet usage … [Read more...]

By 2017, Most Digital Purchases will be Via Smartphone


Bought something by smartphone lately? You're not alone.Next year will mark a milestone for U.S. e-commerce, as more than half … [Read more...]

Prediction: E-Commerce to Exceed 10% of Retail Sales in 2016 (or Not?)

Online Shopping

 New York and San Mateo, CA--Year-end is when prognosticators reflect and predict directions for the future. While … [Read more...]

Six E-Marketing Predictions for 2016


Where will digital marketing go in 2016? eMarketer, a digital marketing and insights firm, has an idea, as outlined below. Trends … [Read more...]

Surveys: Wearables Boom Ahead (Thanks to Boomers?)

TAG Heuer (no 9 on Wearables "Cool List") today introduced
a connected watch, engineered with Intel technology and benefiting from "everything the Android Wear universe has to offer."

New York—Two recent surveys found Americans are increasingly fond of smart wearables, such as smartwatches. In fact, the wearable … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing Missing Out on Baby Boomers?


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Back-to-School Shopping, the Latest Example of Holiday Creep: eMarketer

teens back to school shopping

New York--Propelled by back-to-school buying, US retail sales will grow a relatively strong 4.6% during the core back-to-school … [Read more...]

Report: Fulfillment Improvements Boost Holiday E-commerce Sales


New York—E-commerce flourished within a moderately strong 2014 holiday season, growing 16% year-over-year to $72.03 billion, … [Read more...]

Report: Does the Apple Watch Have What Consumers Want?


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Small Retailers Beware: Cybercrime Is on The Rise Too


Harford, CT—In the “and you-thought-showrooming-was-a-menace-to-retail department,” there’s another tech-related, rising concern … [Read more...]

eMarketer: Retail the Fastest Growing Mobile Category


New York—As smartphone and other handheld devices are adapted by the masses, there’s one function in particular that these gadgets … [Read more...]

Online Sales to Drive Holiday Shipments to Record Levels

FedEx Holiday 2011 Forecast

Memphis, TN—With more consumers than ever poised to shop online during the holiday season this year, FedEx predicted today a 12% … [Read more...]