Item of the Day: We Dream in Colour

Oneta Necklace

As we dust off the snowdrifts and icicles from our heads, it’s time to make a statement.This week, we’re all about statement … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Just Trade

Just Trade

Tie one on…and we don’t mean have another round cause Friday is just a day away. Rather, tie yourself up with these Ribbon Rings … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Manic Trout

Ducks have been called ugly, and even “daffy.” Donald of Disney fame is often even referred to as lazy. But the folks at Manic … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Jook and Nona brass bangles

It’s Back-to-Work Monday and many of us are still smiling from our fun beach weekend on Long Island's East End.For those lucky … [Read more...]

Item of the Day

Gabrielle Vallarino

“Freeform” and “organic” are buzzwords surrounding all the natural stone jewelry out there, while “sharper” and “geometric” often … [Read more...]