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Accessories magazine isublished 5 times a year (January/February, March, May, August & November)
Accessories magazine is the only publication devoted exclusively to your business: Accessories! Our extensive menu of features, retailer roundups, surveys, proprietary industry reports, profiles, advanced trends and fashion visuals offers an overview of the entire accessories market unavailable from any other source.
Readers rely on Accessories magazine. We deliver up-to-the-minute coverage on all categories of accessories, including handbags, jewelry, watches, belts, scarves, hosiery, small leathergoods, eyewear, hats, hairgoods, rainwear/umbrellas, casual footwear and coldweather accessories.Click here to subscribe

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Get Tomorrow’s Trends Today! Each season brings certain trends that will be the major money-makers. But how can you predict them? As a designer, manufacturer or retailer handling private label, you need to know the trends at least a year in advance so you can start planning and designing your line. Our service isolates the season’s five big trends and shows their influences on every accessory classification.
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 Accessories Circle is a dynamic directory and network that connects the industry.
Powerful search tools let users (mainly retailers) search for Manufacturers, Designers, Trade Shows, Trade Marts, Reps, Associations, Agencies (PR, Photography, Modeling, Advertising, Trend Forecasting), Suppliers and Distributers.
Connecting the Accessories Industry: Today’s Accessories industry is huge.  If you have a new line, brand or division you want to promote, make sure retailers, editors, stylists and consumers find you. Join the Circle!Click here to for more info or to subscribe