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How I Did It…Theodora and Callum

Stefani Greenfield (left) and Desiree Gruber of Theodora and Callum

With upscale printed accessories evoking the most exotic travels, Stefani Greenfield and Desiree Gruber are true ‘‘escape … [Read more...]

Top 100 Accessories Brands & Players

November 2011 Accessories Magazine cover

Every year, Accessories magazine polls retailers to compile the major players in the accessories industry right now with a focus … [Read more...]

The List: Top 100 Accessories Brands & Players 2011


Every year, Accessories magazine polls retailers to compile the major players in the accessories industry right now with a focus … [Read more...]

Reinventing Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto

After launching countless brands for other people, Vince Camuto is finally stepping into the spotlight with his own. A nd the … [Read more...]

Have It Your Way: Mass Customization

Laudi Vidni design-your-own handbags

Mass customization lets customers channel their inner designers at mass production prices.By definition, mass customization … [Read more...]

Ten Minutes With….XSRE


At the time when many retailers are downsizing, XSRE, a new all-accessories ‘superstore,’ is betting that bigger is better, with a … [Read more...]

2011 Retailer of the Year: Lord & Taylor


The oldest upscale, specialty-retail department store chain in the U.S. shows off its makeover and kicks off a new chapter.The … [Read more...]

BaselWorld: Sparkle Plenty

Stephen Webster crystal haze black opal 18K pendant

Luxury may be back but jewelry designers and watchmakers are keeping an eye on the bottom line. Jeff Prine ticks offAs the … [Read more...]

How I Did It! Accessories Network Group

Abe Chehebar, founder, president and CEP of Accessories Network Group

From multi-brand licensee to multi-brand owner, Accessory Network Group goes into acquisition mode.As far as handbags and … [Read more...]

How I did It! Crimzon Rose

Crimzon Rose’s Felix Porcaro

Felix Porcaro’s Crimzon Rose has expanded into an industry giant, servicing retailers’ growing private brand needs and adding … [Read more...]

A Generation Gap?

Consumerology: the wheel of engagement for today's consumer

While accessories benefitted from a return to discretionary spending, Marshal Cohen of The NPD Group, Inc. cautions that future … [Read more...]

2011 Retail Rising Star: Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie

The all-accessories retailer has exploded on the scene, opening almost 100 stores since 2004 with 65 more planned this … [Read more...]