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Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion: Neo Nordic


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Heritage Section


In today’s “here today, gone tomorrow” age, consumers are welcoming brands with longstanding heritages more than ever … [Read more...]

Accessories Census 2011

2012 projected market share by classification

New methodologies and technological advances upgrade retailer and consumer statistics, creating the most accurate and complete … [Read more...]

How I Did It: Roman & Sunstone

Sally Alex_web

Expert jewelry strategist and new CEO Sally Alex discusses her role at the evolving fashion and bridge company.How does a … [Read more...]

Silver Alternatives to Keep Prices Steady and Designs Bold in Jewelry

NES Group's bold Silver Plated Stainless Steel hoops

New York--As sterling silver prices climbed up and up (hitting a 31-year high of $49.21/oz. in April 2011), retailers pressed … [Read more...]

Accessories Announces its 2012 Merchants Hall of Fame Inductees

2012 Merchants Hall of Fame

New York—Accessories Magazine is proud to announce the 2nd round of inductees into its annual Merchants Hall of Fame.The … [Read more...]

How I Did It…Theodora and Callum

Stefani Greenfield (left) and Desiree Gruber of Theodora and Callum

With upscale printed accessories evoking the most exotic travels, Stefani Greenfield and Desiree Gruber are true ‘‘escape … [Read more...]

Top 100 Accessories Brands & Players

November 2011 Accessories Magazine cover

Every year, Accessories magazine polls retailers to compile the major players in the accessories industry right now with a focus … [Read more...]

The List: Top 100 Accessories Brands & Players 2011


Every year, Accessories magazine polls retailers to compile the major players in the accessories industry right now with a focus … [Read more...]

Reinventing Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto

After launching countless brands for other people, Vince Camuto is finally stepping into the spotlight with his own. A nd the … [Read more...]

Have It Your Way: Mass Customization

Laudi Vidni design-your-own handbags

Mass customization lets customers channel their inner designers at mass production prices.By definition, mass customization … [Read more...]

Ten Minutes With….XSRE


At the time when many retailers are downsizing, XSRE, a new all-accessories ‘superstore,’ is betting that bigger is better, with a … [Read more...]