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Item of the Day: Kipling’s ‘Sophisticated’ Styles; Eco-Friendly Line

Kipling Kaeon

Even women’s accessories have to aesthetically “grow up” somehow—and this is a business strategy that Kipling has in mind … [Read more...]

Aaron Faber Exhibition Showcases “Phenomenal Jewelry”


Opals. Moonstones. Spectrolite. Star Sapphires. These are all part of a category of gemstones that jewelers call "phenomenal" for … [Read more...]

Making Scents: Kilian’s Jewelry Collection

Kilian feature

Here’s an accessorizing idea: scented jewelry.Entrepreneur Kilian Hennessy thought of this a couple of years ago when he … [Read more...]

‘The First Monday in May’ to Open Next Week

first monday

On Wednesday, April 13, Magnolia Pictures' fashion documentary The First Monday in May will open the Tribeca Film Festival  before … [Read more...]

Coming Soon: The Ultimate Accessories Flick

Huntsman poster

Officially, its stars are Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Chris Hemsworth, and Jessica Chastain.But we can't take our eyes off … [Read more...]

Barcelona to Celebrate 12th Hat Holiday

Stroll With a Hat Day

Stateside, the Sunday after Easter is usually nothing special.But in Spain, the good people of Barcelona have turned it into … [Read more...]

Fashion 2.0: What’s Buzzing in the Fashion Tech Space

Kenneth Cole Connect watch - Copy

Fashion tech is on the rise, as you may have heard, and everyone is scrambling for a piece of it. Analysts predict that the … [Read more...]

The List: 2013 Top 100 Accessories Brands & Players

2013ACC_NOV_Top100_Page_01 - Copy

Plus Spring 2014 Inspiration Trend … [Read more...]

Accessories Magazine Honors 2014 Merchants Hall of Fame Inductees

ACC_ Jan 2014_Spreads_WEB_Page_01

New York—Accessories magazine is proud to announce the 4th round of inductees into its annual Merchants Hall of Fame.The … [Read more...]

The List: 2012 Top 100 Accessories Brands & Players

ACC_Nov 2012_Spreads_Page_06

[Read more...]

Schoolboy Blues: It’s All About Satchels


Remember that backpack you used to lug back and forth to school for years? It got worn and tattered, but the memories it embodied … [Read more...]

2015 Accessories Census Report: Available for Download

Accessories 2015 Census Report

In a more competitive retail reality that faces the accessories industry, the latest industry statistics give insight and provide … [Read more...]