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Report: 52% of Americans Still Cannot Afford the Basics

WSL/Strategic Retail

New York—February retail comparable store sales were up  last week as has been consumer confidence, but in its latest report … [Read more...]

Expert: Holiday 2011′s New Retail Recipe for Success

A woman rests while shopping at South Park mall in Charlotte

Ask the Expert: Marshal Cohen is Chief Industry Analyst, The NPD Group, Inc. He is a nationally known expert on the retail … [Read more...]

7 Things to Consider When Raising $$$

Richard Kestenbaum, partner, Triangle Capital LLC

Richard Kestenbaum is a partner at Triangle Capital LLC, a firm that raises money and does mergers and acquisitions for companies … [Read more...]

Ask the Expert: Marshal Cohen

NPD's Marshal Cohen says self-purchasing consumers are key to a successful holiday.“Without self-purchasing during the holiday season, growth is nearly impossible."

Marshal Cohen is Chief Industry Analyst, The NPD Group, Inc. He is a nationally known expert on the retail industry and consumer … [Read more...]