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We’re really into the whole personalized jewelry trend over here, it just makes that beautiful piece of jewelry a bit more special … [Read more...]

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Talk about making prayer fashionable! Inspired by Tibetan Prayer Flags, this ribbon, chain, bead cascade necklace is a departure … [Read more...]

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One of our favorite childhood toys are back—and looking better than ever! The Guatemalan worry doll myth is that before you go to … [Read more...]

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We love any excuse to kick up our heels. And Lizette Shoelery makes that an easy and fun job with a collection of jewelry for … [Read more...]

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Listen up people, we’ve found the key to a good party, and it’s hanging right off your keychain. This funky leopard print, crystal … [Read more...]

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Dear fanny pack, we’re sorry you get such a bad rap, but we have to admit, we’ve found a way chicer version of the hands-free … [Read more...]

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It’s pretty perfect that we found the fan collection in the HALABY jewelry line, because we’d love to fan designer Gilbert Halaby … [Read more...]

Holiday 2010: Three Sparkling Trends

Holiday 2010

Holiday is filled with plenty of sparkle and glamour,  yet each of us shines in a different wayTo view the entire fashion … [Read more...]

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 We've finally found what we've always been searching for; a watch that is capable of morphing into a new identity to … [Read more...]

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We never tire of designers' latest inspirational messages and sayings. Our current fave? "The final chapter is not yet written," … [Read more...]

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What to do with those beautiful scarves sitting in your drawer? Pair them with a new convertible handbag concept by Via Chic. This … [Read more...]

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When is a cool sunglass not just a cool sunglass? When it's part of Prada's newest Manga Contest, which challenges comic book … [Read more...]