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There are certain things in life that go hand in hand, like sand and sea, cookies and milk, and to us in the accessories … [Read more...]

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We've been watching menswear-influenced styles uptrend for a while now, and we're happy to report, this is one trend that's not … [Read more...]

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 As you are probably aware, we’ve been having a lovefest with crystals for some time now. Something about these natural … [Read more...]

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Well wouldn’t you know it—it’s Treasure Tuesday and we’re proud to unveil and show off one fine treasure. In fact, it’s one that … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Fur


This Fall/Winter designers are warming up the cold days with fur creations--real or faux--in unexpected ways. Whether seen as a … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Fringe


It's all about fringe benefits this season. Fringe details have moved beyond the tried-and-true and are turning up in more … [Read more...]

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It’s a belt, it’s a bag, it’s… Bella Borz’s two-in-one detachable pouch on a belt design.  We know fanny packs get an awful … [Read more...]

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It’s Friday the 13th, and we all know what that means…no, not a day to lock yourself inside in fear of it all going wrong—we like … [Read more...]

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It’s a full-blown feather frenzy this season, and we’ve spread our wings and soared high and low to find some of the unusual … [Read more...]

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Be the light the world sees…and in the eyes of renowned jewelry designer extraordinaire Rodrigo Otazu, it’s that light that has … [Read more...]

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Many of you know Australian brand Helen Kaminski for their signature raffia hats and bags. But the same gal who appreciates these … [Read more...]

Trend Finder: Leather & Metal


Leather &  metal seem to be the perfect pair for accessories--the hard and soft combination continues to reinvent itself in … [Read more...]