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Boots are hot, tights are hot. Layering ugly socks over your tights for warmth/comfort in cold weather? Not so much. And snagging … [Read more...]

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Previous career: private investigator. Side hobby: piloting small planes. Loves: cocktail shakers, vintage lighters and … [Read more...]

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We're really excited about this one--because if you're like us, you're constantly on the search for an accessory that goes above … [Read more...]

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Talk about well-stacked!! This whimsical set of stacking rings by Kristy Lin is a far cry from typical stacking bands, which face … [Read more...]

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and we’re feeling a bit romantic, so we have one thing to say to you: “Omnia Vincit Amor.” What? … [Read more...]

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We’re not always necessarily thrilled when coverage for the relaxed sun worshipping summer months come to a screeching halt, but … [Read more...]

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We have to say, the winter months tend to toughen us up—it might have something to do with all of the trekking in our 20lb boots … [Read more...]

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Ah, now we’re seeing things clearly--and we like what we're seeing. Check out these translucent plastic glasses from Fantas-Eyes. … [Read more...]

Key 5 Trend Boards: Fall/Winter 2011-12

Fall/Winter 2011-12 Trend Board: Mod Remix

We created trend boards from the five key trends of the season: Mod Remix, Tailor Made, Survival Mode, Ice Queen and Baroque … [Read more...]

Trend Board F/W 2011-12: Baroque Warrior

Trend Board Fall / Winter 2011-12: Baroque Warrior

Sumptuous fabrics, pewter and gold metals, animal inspirations and tons of jewel-encrusted details bring a bit of edge to this … [Read more...]

Trend Board F/W 2011-12: Ice Queen

Fall/Winter 2011-12 Trend Board: Ice Queen

In her fantasy world frozen ice formations turn to crystal and diamonds, and Arctic temperatures warm her world. Her Majesty … [Read more...]

Trend Board F/W 2011-12: Survival Mode

Fall/Winter 2011-12 Trend Board: Survival Mode

She’s strong and her survival mode is in full-effect—this post-apocalyptic warrior appreciates what’s left of the earth. Her … [Read more...]