Item of the Day

Our editors pick their favorite fashion accessory item each and every day.

Item of the Day: Mejuri


Happy National Hug Day! We hope you got surrounded by many outstretched arms today.While it would be nice to have a piece of … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Lesebi Beachwear

LESEBI ankle 3

As we contemplate which pair of snowboots we’ll be wearing come this Friday when a major blizzard is supposed to hit the … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Shore Projects


When you think about Great Britain, your minds automatically jumps to Westminster, Carnaby Street, the Queen and 10 Downing … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Bu Designs

bu designs2

Buddha might be over 1,500 years old, so he would surely be astonished and pleasantly surprised to see contemporary depictions of … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Cappelli Straworld


Hats off! Ahem, actually Hats On!Today is National Hat Day! So you ought to be donning a nice cozy wool or knit headwear … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: The StyleString


Ever tie a string around your finger to remember something?Designer/entrepreneur Jacqueline Syms came up with her StyleString, … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Rommy de Bommy

cheese bag

Ever get a real hunger for a particular accessory? One that makes you feel in satiable to you actually buy it? It’s just like … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Dip into Pretty


So you just had a classy French pedicure at your local luxury nail salon, only to see that tacky foam toe separators used on your … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Charmed Circle


Lost your way? Not so easy to do anymore, what with Google Maps, GPS etc. right at your fingertips. And you can always ask Siri. … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Jonesy Wood

Jonesy Wood1

In today's fast, high-tech and often uncertain age, it's not surprising that people are returning to natural materials, … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Huawei x Swarovski

Huawei Lady Watch-Blue strap

Capitalizing on the critical acclaim it received in 2015 upon the introduction of its smartwatch collection, Huawei has … [Read more...]

Item of the Day: Mira Smart Jewelry


One of the best things about post New Year’s is the start of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.This year, the … [Read more...]