Karolina Nevia – Model/Q Management

Karolina was in super hurry to her friends’ Soho boutique. So I hardly had a chance to speak with her. But she did mention she can … [Read more...]

Annie Secomb – Assistant Manager/Cynthia Vincent

Annie was at a coffee shop when I saw her. She was purchasing that red favorite beverage of hers (what ever that is). Anyhow she … [Read more...]

Dashawna Smith; Sales Management/Skin Graft, Ballet & Contemporary Dancer/Alvin Ailey Dance School

I only knew Dashawna for few minutes but I can tell she is one of the most genuine & down to earth people I have ever met. She … [Read more...]

Melanie Mah -Dancer / Dana Foglia Dance Company

 Best of Los Angeles gracing our streets of Soho. When I spotted Melanie I just had a hunch about her presence. She had an … [Read more...]

Kimberly Kyle Hall – Creative Entrepreneur for Fashion Brands/Create Invest

Kimberly, by the looks of her kind of seems like she just graduated college and shops all day for fun. But in fact she is an … [Read more...]

Eve Strickman – Animation Producer/Passion Pictures

When I first spotted Eve I thought she was some teenager strutting Soho streets. You can imagine the astonishment on my face when … [Read more...]

Vanessa Quiles – Hair Stylist/Takamichi Hair

Vanessa, Ms. Hair Stylist extraordinaire… just check out those pictures! Do I need to say anything else apart from what those … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Wright – Model / Major Models

Elizabeth was walking in Soho super fast. I took me good 2 blocks to catch up with her. The thing is I haven’t seen that hair … [Read more...]

Featured Blog: Soho Street Style


Soho Street Style, created by photographer and Accessories magazine blogger Vann Apragal, chronicles the creative and stylish … [Read more...]

Lindsey Klonoski–Video Installation Artist, Associate at Resurrection in Soho


Lindsey is from Atlanta. So we had lots in common to talk about. Lindsey is kind of new to New York. But I believe she fits right … [Read more...]

Constance (Connie) Walsh–Student/NYU, Soho Resident


     Connie is one happy person. I do not know if it is possible to ever be more happier than that. She is studying Art … [Read more...]



My most absolute favorite thing is to find someone on what they say is their off day and they are still this fabulous. Daisy and … [Read more...]