The College Report: Bags $1500+


In college, buying a bag that is more than $1500 is usually something that isn’t an option…  And if it is, you are one lucky … [Read more...]

Celebrity Wrap Up: Bags $1500 +


Expensive bags – we all want them and dream about the day you can finally get your hands on a pair of a Gucci Crocodile Brown … [Read more...]

The College Report: Bags on a Budget


Bags on a Budget. Best four words in the English vocabulary. The way im going to do this is first emphasize how sometimes paying a … [Read more...]

Celebrity Wrap Up: Tween Bags


Tweens can be an awkward phase, where they aren’t little kids anymore but aren’t quiet yet teenagers, that wants to be … [Read more...]

The College Report: Bags for Tweens


Im back today with a college report on “bags for tweens.” At first I was contemplating on what a college student would … [Read more...]

Celebrity Wrap Up: Backpacks


Dora the Explorer, Power Rangers, Batman, SpiderMan… that is what comes to my mind when I think of backpacks. Why, you may … [Read more...]

The College Report: Backpacks!


I am so excited to be tackling the topic of backpacks on this College Report! Thus far, all topics have been different types of … [Read more...]

Celeb Wrap Up: Structured Bags

**EXCLUSIVE** Pop star Fergie gets ready for her close up as she makes her way to a photo studio in Los Angeles

Structured bags. To me those are two words I associate with business and pants suits. Some people like the business oriented world … [Read more...]

The College Report: Slouchy Bags


I feel like slouchy bags are given a bad rap. Maybe it’s because of its name, because “structured” sounds more posh… but I think … [Read more...]

Celeb Wrap Up: Slouchy Bags

HBD Network

Bags, bags, and more bags! Celebrity wrap up this week is on the wonderful and unique slouchy handbags we all seem to like but are … [Read more...]

Competition: Be in a Race Against Yourself. Only.


Zibba, 2010 Winner of the Best Handbag in Overall Style and DesignI am asked all the time by designers, I am worried to show … [Read more...]

Handbag Awards: We Have Come So Far

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First Annual Independent Handbag Designer AwardsAs per my publicist’s insistence, I am going to really get into our blog. … [Read more...]