Item of the Day: Fendi Karlito

Bag Boy: Karlito

Bag Boy: Karlito

One of the hottest luxurygoods this summer isn’t even a handbag, wallet or piece of jewelry. The fashion cognoscenti have gravitated to a new “it” for fall: Fendi’s Karlito, a fox and goat fur key chain based upon the iconic visage of designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The ultimate in Marie-Antoinette-let-them-eat-cake effrontery? Perhaps, but as The New York Post pointed out this week, more than 600 people have signed up for the little tchotchke.

How convenient, too, that Karlito arrives in stores in September—just in time for international fashion weeks.

A next generation version of the fur Buggie charms (retail about $700) that Fendi debuted last year, Karlito, too, is mean to hang from your handbag, bragging to the whole world that you have the money to spend on a seemingly useless status item.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld posing with his Karlito

Designer Karl Lagerfeld posing with his Karlito

Let’s hope that Karlito spurs a revival of extravagant but less costly key chains suitable for accessorizing the accessory.

Retail: $1,750

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  • Janet Deleuse

    just creepy…..carrying parts of a living being…..