TV Fashion Series Features Rafe, Other Filipino Designers

For a trailer from "Haute the Record" see below

For a trailer from “Haute the Record” see below

Redwood City, CA—For a glimpse at what it took for a group of leading Filipino fashion designers, including Rafe Totengco, tune into a new Lifestyle Network launches series, “Haute the Record,” now on the air.

“Haute the Record” reveals the journey of Filipino fashion designers from around the world who have stitched their way to international fame.

“In every corner of the world, Filipino craftsmen and artisans have been creating the fashion world’s trends and setting the bar for international couture,” said Olivia de Jesus, managing director for ABS-CBN North America. “These mini-documentaries tell their stories that rarely come through the velvet ropes.” The series premiere features American fashion mavens Carlyn Nuyda Calloway, Alexis Monsanto, and Rafe.

For style architect behind statement handbags and minaudières, Rafe Totengco, it all starts with inspiration. His collections are tokens of wanderlust, designs that have been spurred by the bold, nostalgic, and generational elements of everyday life around the world. The masterful manipulation of stone and shell and his compositions that mimic treasures of the world, be it garment, flora, or architecture, have catapulted him to the forefront of supreme designers of this generation.

In this glossy segment, designers showcase their inspiration, signature style, and craft that has made them some of the fashion world’s most anticipated and recognized designers, and their designs, the most coveted.

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See below for the trailer to the series:

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